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"Best street in the suburb..."

Albion Street is one of the last streets in Harris Park that is predominantly composed of houses, many with well manicured gardens out the front. I have heard a lot about crime in this suburb but have not yet experienced it (lived here for 12 months so far). The street is perched on the edge of the suburb, with several major roads just around the corner, but far enough that you can't hear them. The restaurants and town centre are at the end of the road and many of the houses at the town centre end of the street have been converted to be commercial premises. The other end of the street is still predominantly residential.

Most of the buildings on the street are heritage listed and it has the same feel you might expect to find in some inner west suburbs such as Camperdown. I would recommend this street to anyone who wants an affordable house (with land) within walking distance of an up and coming CBD.

As far as neighbours are concerned, most people seem cautiously friendly, mainly keeping to themselves.

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