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4th May 2021

"Where people go to be forgotten"

Anduramba is arguably split into two - Upper and Lower. The upper part is closer to the nearest town of Crows Nest, while lower Anduramba is down the hill with a significant travel time to town since the permanent closure of Anduramba Range Road after significant flooding in 2011/13.

We lived on a 100 acre property that was extremely peaceful and completely off grid (Anduramba has limited grid electricity and no reticulated water or sewer networks). Biggest issue we had was the significant commute time into Toowoomba for work (just under an hour each way)

Fixed wireless NBN if you're lucky otherwise satellite internet - not great for professionals working from home. The area is prone to significant bushfire risk so keep an eye and ear out in times of emergency. Some very interesting characters off the beaten track who are lovely people, often with a life story to tell living in quite crude accommodation. Crime is rarely an issue, with any issues being largely petty theft.

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