my family will be moving to ararat end of the year.Need feedback please about the town,school etc

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Hi MaherM have you looked at the suburb review pages?

This is what one user had to say:
"Moved to Ararat 9 years ago expecting closed mind locals and cliques. Was so pleasantly surprised to find a friendly, welcoming, inclusive community. This place is so inspiring, the way the community rallies to raise funds for any worthy local cause (ie building a new hospital, blue ribbon, school fundraisers, ill community members, relay for life and other charities). All fundraising is always done in fun and innovative ways (ie balls, singing comps, dancing comps etc). The sense of community here is amazing. Shopping: Beautiful clothes stores, great places for coffee (the VINES breakfast, lunch or coffee is a MUST for anyone passing through), beautiful gift stores, bookstore and accessory outlets. Education: Choices of primary schools abound (private and public) - depending on your child's interests from sport to drama. One private and public high school to choose from or Ballarat is only an hour up the road with plenty of choices. Social: WINE WINE WINE, the Grampians, nice eateries (people come from far and wide to dine at SICILIANS), plus all the fundraising activities, balls, functions - it is a blast. Affordable housing with large blocks (not hemmed in the roof to roof housing). SPORT - football, cricket, tennis, swimming, cycling (velodrome), cross country running, little aths, auskick, basketball, netball. Western Hwy to Melbourne and to Adelaide, train and buses all stop here. Only a short drive to the coast, the city, the mountains ... perfect. Cold in winter Hot in summer (4 seasons). Lots of empolyment options - prison, hospital, AME, Gasons, Aged Care, retail, Abattoirs, local council, community health, DHS, disability services ... always an opportunity - and usually only a 5 - 10 min drive to work with very few delays. HEALTH: Well equipped hospital, private GP's, community health centres, neighbourhood centre, walking tracks abound, walking groups, ladies pushbike group, visiting specialists services, surgical procedures available locally. Lots of affordable child care options from private carers, family day care to accredited child care centres. A safe, happy, hard working community but in a very relaxed environment - retail shops are closed on a Sunday (apart from Target and supermarkets) - as they should be. Everyone knows what you up to but in a good way, you will know if your kids have been up to no good!! (just how we want it!). Neighbours look out for each other. A very supportive community. Make the move, it is the best tree change - and it only takes 2 hours to get back to the centre of Melbourne for a city fix!"

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Ararat has great reviews on google that may assist with your decision. From what I gather, it's a lovely area, great schools, shops, cafes, dining and sporting.


Emily Goumas

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Ararat is a great Regional area to live and bring up your kids. There are many good schools to choose from, a great community of people and there is a variety of shops and cafes to spend your weekends exploring.

I have a listing in Ararat if you are interested.

Feel free to contact me to find out more.

Kindest Regards,

Roberta de la Torre
Director/Licensed Agent
Mackenzie Lane Real Estate
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