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Aruma Avenue, Kellyville

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"Barren urban landscape..."

Kellyville is a purpose built suburb northwest of Castle Hill. Its blocks are smaller and the streets have been stripped of foliage, leaving a barren, concrete suburb. The houses of Kellyville are often huge and have been frequently labeled as ‘McMansions.’ Despite this, house prices to begin with were not cheap, which has resulted in many people either losing their homes in the recent property slump and financial market crashes, or having to sell dirt-cheap. As it is now, Kellyville prices are reasonable.

Wrights Rd is no exception to the unattractive local lack of greenery, crowded blocks, monstrous homes, and in fact, is one of the worst offenders in the treeless stakes, but it does have a few pluses.
The main one being the shopping centre of Kellyville Plaza, which is situated on Wright’s Rd. The centre has a large Coles and many small retail shops. Right next top the plaza is a terrific kids playground with equipment for all ages.

On a personal level, I couldn’t live somewhere like this, so barren, lacking in greenery and far from the coast, it’s depressing. I believe there are better alternatives.

However, this area may suit young families working locally, who wish to buy a new house. Hopefully in years to come it will become more treed.
LMH Wrigths Road and some surrounding areas of Kellyville are still relatively new, although I must disagree with CBrondum that it is a barren landscape. The municipality has planted many young trees along the street and with a little bit of vision (and a good measure of patience) Kellyville is set to mature into a stunning leafy and well-planned suburb. I am considering purchasing in this area and I believe it will be a good capital investment. But I agree, some more trees would be very welcome... : ) As for the McMansions - who wouldnt love one? I love the high ceilings and large bedrooms of our current rental home.
m109ROCKS I'm with you LMH , Kellyville is a new suburb and as we all know Trees don't grow over night.
I've been in Kellyville for 10 years and love it.and I love my McMansion.
how about we all go and live on the north shore ,in those denge homes dark field and over growing trees,
no thank you.!!!!!! give me my McMansion any day. New is the way to go for me .
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"Barren urban landscape..."
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