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"We left and it was the best decision we made"

Lived in the area for 14 years. It was great to start with, early 2000's but then the new subdivisions started. We built and moved out to one of the subdivisions and it was terrible. Our neighbours reported our dog for barking which was strange as he didn't when I was at home. We then went away on holiday and the house sitter found the grumpy old git stirring him up with a torch at midnight so the dog would bark. We were reported to the ranger. Thankfully the ranger saw what a twit the neighbours were and didn't do anything. On another occasion a neighbour tried to jump our fence, yelling at one of the kids. Dont quite know what he was going to do when he got in the backyard. Had to squirt him with the hose to get him off the fence. In the end, the excessive chin wagging got to us (our kids couldn't even play at the park without adults asking what they are up to). We are so much happier living away from the area now and have no intention of driving through the place ever again. It was horrible. We are lucky that our kids received an academic scholarship to a school in Perth and our neighbours up here are lovely. Funnily enough, they say there is a great sense of community in the country but we didn't find it at all, just bitchiness.

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"Beautiful tree-change"

Love this location, has a holiday feel to it. Great facilities avail. close by. Green bushland with amazing wildflowers and walking tracks.Lots of up-side with new Lithium processing plant only a few minutes away.

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"Satellite suburb of Bunbury with plenty of good features"

Australind is bordered by Leschenault Inlet and the Collie River and is only 10km north of the major centre of Bunbury and is 165kms south of Perth. The town is a satellite type suburb of Bunbury and being in such close proximity has all the amenities of Bunbury on hand yet offers everything you could want in the way of shopping, with the large Australind Village Shopping Centre which has many specialty and boutique style stores as well as a Coles Supermarket. There are numerous sporting venues covering a myriad of sports and there are numerous local sporting clubs and associations. There are five primary schools in Australind including a catholic primary school. Australind High School was officially opened in 1987 and caters for high school students to year 12. There are medical centres here and the area is serviced by Bunbury District Hospital. With the river and the inlet being so close water sports are popular and the fishing is quite good. Australind is a community minded area is spite of the fact that it has grown rather rapidly and continues to do so.


australind has so many different pockets, that is what makes so different and caters for all types of lifestyles from semi rural at the meadow landing, Leschenault end to close to centre of Bunbury with River access in Clifton Park with every thing in between. Good high school, and lots of primary school options both public and private. Clifton Park even has its own school. Strangely the Bunbury Golf Club is in Australind-that's how good it is!

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