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"Lovely and quiet. Space for the kids to explore. Primary school at your doorstep."

Blocks are 7 acre, 10 acre or 15 acre in local area. Soil grows anything. Very fertile. Great place to live, wonderful quiet country lifestyle. 12 mins drive to a major town (Bacchus Marsh) for shopping, high school and a train station to the city (Melbourne). Train takes 44 mins to city, 41 mins on express train. Balliang East is as yet an undiscovered haven, where acreage blocks are still available, where you can live and still commute to Melbourne or live and land bank for the future as Bacchus Marsh is a designated growth area. Best part is the wildlife. Have had a koala wander in to my front yard, a kangaroo bounce in once or twice, hubby saw an echidna one afternoon and the bird life is fantastic. Blue wrens, magpies, New Holland honeyeaters, white plumed honeyeater, kites, Wedge Tail eagles, ducks (depending on time of year), ibis, black cockatoos, too many more to mention. Make friends with the magpies they are just wonderful and so funny. They come up to the window and say hello and warble and chat. Magpie chicks love to play with toys placed in the garden, a small rope to pull on or bells on a string to rattle. Great community to live in.

Who lives here?

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