Blamey Street, Kelvin Grove, QLD 4059

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Ranked 1st best street by locals in Kelvin Grove, QLD

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  • Gym and fitness
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  • Parks and recreation
  • Childcare

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  • Neighbourly spirit
  • Shopping options
  • Cost of living
  • Public transport

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Reviews of Blamey Street, Kelvin Grove

"Great living, good for young people"

Very convenient with Woolworth & restaurants and university at the door step.

I work in the CBD so a 15 minutes jog is all I need in the morning, no need for buses.

I live in the Urban Village and it is bit noisy sometimes at night as many young people live around us. Great for young working people to live (if you dont mind a bit of party noise) but not so good for elderly or people with big family. I think the unit price is high but will definitely increase substantially in the near future.

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"Noisy Over Priced"

These one bed room apartments are over priced and cheap..

There is only one option for:


I lived there for two years and there are cheaper options around the place.

People are always having parties and durring the day people's children are screaming and running around..

The college down the road heats up from feb to november and never stops.. noise noise noise.

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"Kelvin Grove Urban Village - not all its cracked up to be"

Kelvin Grove Urban Village is not all that it has professed to be. First of all Foxtel informed that not all the new channels can be received due to non compliance by the Urban Village. There is a monopoly relating to the utilities used in the village and the internet provider. You cannot chose your own utility company or internet provider - you are conditioned to only use those dictated by the village, these by the way are more expensive (as there is no competition they can charge what they like - this is especially so for the internet). On the other hand the internet is very fast - however, at an exorbitant price.

Also the management of the property is average - be careful of the carpark rolling door - it breaks down all the time hence security is compromised. It takes on average 3-4 weeks for it to be repaired. It breaks on average every few months. Also I was stuck for 1 hour waiting for someone to come and open it when it broke and thus was late for my business meetings and lost a great deal of revenue.

The noise levels are appalling. With the university right at your door step unless you are a party reveler who enjoys the following steer clear:

1. drunk people shouting all hours of the night on the road.
2. very noisy neighbours (there is a loud echo so people sitting on the balcony talking reverberates throughout the complex).
3. drunk people fighting on the road.
4. unfriendly neighbours.
5. unfriendly management.
6. the flats not that sound proof - if your neighbours are in the habit of fighting believe me you will hear them and they will disturb you.

Personally I could not wait to move out of this urban village. It was a disappointment and really is for very young people who are still at university. However, the rentals do not justify what you are getting. The fixtures in the apartments are cheap - not value for money.

Honestly, move somewhere quieter and with more space and get value for money and be permitted to chose your utilities - Kelvin Grove is overrated.

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