Considering moving to blue haven?

My parents are looking at properties in Blue Haven (in particular Birdwooo Dr) to retire. Not sure if this is the old or new side (as referred to in old posts) Just seeking some advice/feelings on the area from those who live there. Many thanks
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Have you read the suburb reviews?
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"My family moved to blue haven in 2013, I was a little bit reluctant as I had heard stories of it being a "troublesome place", I searched for information on the area and there were conflicting views. I have to say since living here I have found it so quiet, neighbours are friendly and the local primary school is wonderful, I have high expectations of schools my kids have always been in private schools, my youngest went to blue haven public whilst on the waiting list to go to the private school, when she was accepted I was reluctant to move her, the local high school have wonderful teachers, my son has special needs and attends Northlakes high school, some of the kids are a bit challenging in the main stream area but the teachers have a lot of support to deal with this, and are doing a wonderful job to help the kids. I live in the older section and I have not witnessed any problems apart from p platers doing the odd burnout especially if it's been raining, the other thing that bugs me is the amount if graffiti the council could improve this. There could be a lot worse things to complain about, I highly recommend this area and with developments being put through council I have no doubt blue haven will only get better."

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