What is it like to live on Bribie? Internet connectivity, diversity, schooling, community spirit?

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I lived there over 5 years ago, for 3 years with 2 young children.
My eldest at the time was at Banksia Beach State School which was a great school. Youngest was still in nappies. Partner drove to work near airport which took at times up to 2 hour drive one way depending on what type of adventure the M1 had planned for the morning. I got bored and started working but had to travel to the city, 20min to Caboolture driving and a 50min express train. Around $15 cost per day. Too long to be away from young kiddies. Moved back to Brissy.
As for island living, its got that island small town (but a bit busy) island vibe. Being a resident we tended to stay home on weekends as the local parks, beaches, esplanade would get busy from visitors, especially during nice days.
My partner is a mad fisherman so misses the area and wants us to go back. COVID has been a blessing in disguise for some people, I can now work from home on a FT basis so the commute will no longer be an issue and I can stay at home with the kids.
Eldest now in high school. We'll probably take him to a private school off the island, not sure which one yet. Still in planning mode.
Lots of older people on the island. Almost like the govt would prefer it that way given the over 55 accomodations being built, and less business incentive/infrastructure. The household income is quite low compared to the rest of Brisbane/Moreton Bay due to the pensioners but Ive heard they will finally open a Centrelink and Medicare shop up on the island. There are a number of people on benefits.
Internet = not even an issue
Diversity = majority caucasian Christians on the island but Ive not seen or experienced any antisocial behaviour. Lots of diverse visitors to the island. Lots of holiday rentals and airbnb housing.
Schooling = 2 x public primary schools, 1 x public high school. Banksia Beach SS has a better reputation. Private schools out Caboolture way (20min drive), buses on the island for the kids.
All the facilities are there, just not a large shopping centre that you can wander through aimlessly for hours on end, you will have to travel for that, either 25min to Morayfield, 40min to North Lakes, 50min+ Chermside, 1hr+ Sunshine Plaza Maroochydore.
Caboolture Hospital is basic. When kids were young had to take them to specialist unit in Brisbane. I would presume that would be the same for any other specialist services.
Bribie is lovely, but be prepared for travel.
Im not as keen as my partner but my travel now will only consist of those mindless shopping trips that I love.
And Bribie Island road floods more often than not, you can get stuck on or off depending on what side youre on.
And theres a real cult Aldi following there on the island - beware of the determined pensioner on Aldi special buy days. Its a dangerous place.

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.