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24th August 2020

"OMG. PLease dont live or buy here."

Though the town is full of history and famous for being the first town to strike gold in Victoria, the first Mad Max Movie, the Ned Kelly series, and picnic at Hanging Rock. Surrounded by Dja Dja Wurrang historic sites if you bother to research, Mount Beckworth, the beautiful blue stone bridge that goes over the Creswick Creek and Book Town.
Yes, housing is cheap here. For a very good reason.
Every entry point has the first impression of homes made into car lots or falling down dumps.
It a dumping ground for the criminally insane, family wanting to stay close to visit their partners in jail, pedophiles, yes the justice system places them here when released! Or the pioners of the community holding onto their legacy or their great grandfathers fathering this town in the Gold Rush. Then marrying cousins to keep their farms in the family name. But show nothing of their forefather's tenacity of making this town a success. The Showground and historic building under utilised in the town.
Normal behaviour you won't find with the locals. If they don't like you they will go to great lengths to get you out of town. From coming into your property and vandalising it, setting their dogs onto you, making up rumors about you that you didn't do, and put it on Clunes Online notice board. ( Watch for the main players on there putting reports up. They're the community trouble makers). Or locals feeling it their right to physically or verbally assault you on your property.
It's commonplace for farmers illegally running their sheep on your property and using the good old." We have been doing this for years". Excuse to not fix their fencing to stop their sheep coming into your property.
The police station is unmanned most of the time. So needing help will be a long wait due Bacchush March is the next response station. Which is an hour away from the town. The police will try everything to not write reports on his friends in town when he is here.

The locals are so entitled here that they will demand you join a community group here and tell you if you don't your not being community-minded and they won't accept you in town. There are around 6 want to be high rollers in town that practically hold you to ramson in the town writing lies on their community page about you or your land to gain access for their own needs if you own acreage. ( Highly recommend dont join Clunes Online Notice Board). Unless you want to see the stupidity that goes on in the town.
Horses and sheep being stolen or let out of their yards, dogs batted if they bark too much. Locals walking dogs that are dangerous off lead around the showground. The insanity is very real here. Not noticeable at first but stay long enough you will experience how the locals make sure you tow the line or make you leave. Very 1940's mindset.
The town has a lot of potentials. But a word of warning if you got an idea to help the town grow they will have people calling you pretending to be clients than turn up and threaten you. There are so many people unemployed or on mental illness support, you will run into they will give you a great sob story and take your money.
There are a lot of FIGJAM tradies here that say they are the best. My advice try and do it yourself or get someone from Ballarat if you can influence them to come out.
Go outside of Clunes and you will hear everyone ask. "Oh, where do you live". You reply " Clune". Their faces change and state "Oh why would you want to live there the place is full of loons". But talk to the Clune locals or Clowns as we have favourably called the place and they will talk like Clunes is the only place in Australia. Maybe because they have never left the town and experience somewhere else?
The Caravan Park is the place to avoid at all costs. Junkies and undesirables have permit caravan spots there.
I like to leave it on a positive. Because not all awful here. You will meet nice people here. Usually, people that are new to town or haven't live here for very long. They are very friendly. The Bakery has the best service and their goods are excellent. Quigley and Clake. If you can get past the cranky service their breakfasts are well worth the time. The post office and a new agency have nice customer service and very professional.
However, you will see a little inhouse fighting between other businesses that makes it uncomfortable to stay very long in the other shops.
This is my experience living here. I hope that if you do choose to stay here your experience is a lot better. Just expect to hear in the few weeks you moving here from the locals your will not be excepted as a local till you lived here 30 years. Yep, they are still back in the 1940's. Good Luck.


What a load of rubbish. It is one of the most welcoming community minded towns Ive ever been too and lived. I couldnt speak highly enough of the town, the community and the businesses. Reading your comments makes me think that you wouldnt be happy anywhere!


This review is nonsense. I lived here for 8 years and run a business in town and this is simply not a true representation of the town. Given the nature of the accusations made in the review I hope this website is doing some fact checking and removing offensive and inaccurate reviews.


What a gross generalisation.. Talk about extrapolating some problems and blaming the world. Like all villages, Clunes has a diverse range of people. For the size of the town, there are an impressive range of community events and activities. We have a business here and have had no problems and lots of friendliness and support. There is also the fresh wind of change as people discover the rural friendliness, the charming, historic streetscape, beauty of surrounding countryside and affordable real estate.


Couldnt agree more, lovely place and community

MattDee Russell
MattDee Russell

what a load of tripe never heard such utter rubbish , The town is very welcoming and accommodating to all who show respect to others in the community

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Looking for a home in Clunes?

"A hidden gem"

The place is beautiful with an amazing community. From food is free to circus performing teens, clunes is a quiet town full if surprises.

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The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual and not those of

"Excellent kindergarten and primary school"

Easy commute to work, real country feel, good mix of old and new with population replenishment and new homes.

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual and not those of
The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual and not those of

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