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East Toowoomba

Ranked 18th best suburb in Darling Downs
-27.5635506396637 151.970528851157
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Jul 15, 2019

"Not nice"

yeah the houses here are cool and all but the people here are not. my neighbors are just terrible because they party all night and are always doing dumb things. there are others down the street from me who also do the same and tag up the whole area. my friends around me have been broken into and apparently a guy i know was mugged.
Jul 15, 2019

"A hidden subrub"

East Toowoomba has been seen as a suburb of rich houses and no crime, but after living here for 10+ years I can so no, that is completely false. I have had many friends in the area who have been broken into and 2 other friends who had been mugged on separate occasions. The graffiti here is everywhere now. I would say about 25% of the electricity poles in the area are tagged up and so are fences, schools, toilets and even cars and houses. There are kids standing on corners near the Fairholme Girls School all night just yelling, blasting music, drinking, smoking, smashing bottles and sometimes even fighting. It is also quite the coincidence that wherever these groups of kids pop at, the tagging and burglaries increase dramatically in that area.
hz hz
Jul 09, 2019

"Not what it looks like"

Been living here for 10+ years now and it's not what I and other thought it was. People hype it as the rich area and in some way it is but people don't realise 15 years ago East toowoomba was just a dump. Druggies, drug dealers, gangs and really poor citizens. Houses were some of the cheapest in Australia in areas like east toowoomba. But now they removed a bit of that stuff and moved in richer people with more expensive houses. But the crime is still here and thriving. Have had many friends cars stolen, houses broken into, property vandalised and people mugged. Drugs are still here, kids ride up the street at 2 in the morning on bikes, music blasting all night from other houses, bad drivers and more. The place is a mad house and a lot of the times I wish I lived somewhere else.
joshd4 Definitely agreed
Jul 09, 2019
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Best Streets in East Toowoomba

"Quiet and in the heart of the city."
-27.5609454049 151.9744411085

Unranked Streets in East Toowoomba

-27.5553634328 151.9734985423
"a lovely street"
-27.5711275094 151.9700971081
"Nice & quiet but close to everything"
-27.5688 151.9619

Hawthorn St

"Short Street Near Park"
-27.5581125839 151.9646602776
"A beautiful shady street in the best suburb "
-27.5587068104 151.9771868445
-27.5681580846 151.9771048822
-27.5558432535 151.9812576372

Scott Street

"Bordering the St Vincent Hospital"
-27.5660987826 151.9754656368
"It an alright street to live in..................apart from bad neighbours"
-27.5695172923 151.9585131073