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Reviews of Echuca South, VIC

6th March 2022

"Don't hold your breath"

I was informed by this site ( to consider writing a review of Echuca South and other areas. I have written a fairly extensive review of Echuca (as a whole) entitled "Beware of what lurks behind the picturesque Murray and gum trees". You may wish to read that review in conjunction with this review of Echuca South.

In the main, Echuca South is located south of Ogilvie Avenue (part of the B400 or Murray Valley Hwy.) and most of the area has an "end of town" feeling to it. Houses are post-War, "Brady Bunch" era and later also. Ministry of Housing properties are like they are throughout Australia - lacking design diversity. This did reduce design costs but it leaves a distinctive mark like that of a branding iron. At least Echuca South does not suffer from tourist invasions except for extra traffic and noise on Ogilvie Avenue.

There is a Post Office on the corner of Ogilvie Avenue and Haverfield Street. Opposite it (on Haverfield) there is a small but great supermarket, cafe and other businesses. ERH hospital, Bunnings and Harvey Norman are nearby also. However you will need to go to
central Echuca for most other shopping needs. Beyond that, expect to travel to Shepparton and even Bendigo. There is a system of concentric circles inter-dependencies. That is part and parcel of country living.

I have given Echuca South (like my overall review of Echuca) a single star rating only. The crime in Echuca (amongst the worst in Victoria), drugs and social problems do not stop at any delineating roads. Perhaps the following "dialogue" may shed some light ;

"Houston, Echuca has problems".

"This is Houston. Let Echuca fix its problems. Over and out".

Ogilvie Avenue is a busy road especially during peak hours. You will need to take care reversing a car out of, and even driving into, a driveway on Ogilvie Avenue. When the ERH hospital staff "clock off" in the afternoon, Haverfield Street (north of Ogilvie) becomes a traffic nightmare and most of that traffic turns into Ogilvie. Good luck to anyone trying to reverse their boat or caravan into their driveway.

There is a short stretch of Ogilvie Avenue that runs parallel to the B400 / B75 and T-intersects into Dobinson Street in the Crossenvale Ministry Estate. It effectively is like a "service" road.

Ogilvie Avenue and other streets in Echuca are used by hoons, especially towards the end of the week. Hoon activity is intermittent and fleeting. The hoons need to take cover to avoid being detected and allow time to elapse before they re-emerge. Perhaps tourists join in as well to provide some competition. Drunkards coming out of pubs can start fights at a drive-through restaurant. Post-Covid will see Police Booze/drugs buses back in action in the vicinity of Ogilvie Avenue (I will be discreet here) and the checks continue into the daylight hours of Sunday - very impressive and charming. This is Echuca's "Saturday Night Fever".

Echuca South is cradled by the Campaspe River so beware of floods and the potential damage that can result. Check for termite damage if you consider buying a house anywhere in Echuca.

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7th April 2020

"Small town and extremely nice community"

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The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual and not those of

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