What parks and gardens are there in Epping?

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Question: Why are parks important to the community?
1. Public parks provide millions of Australians with the opportunity to be physically active.
Physical activity is an essential part of an individuals efforts to stay healthy.
2. Parks have true economic benefits. Parks and recreation areas are economic engines
that improve the quality of life and make communities livable and desirable for businesses
and homeowners.
3. Parks provide vital green space in a fast-developing landscape, and provide
vegetative buffers to construction and development, thus reducing the effects of sprawl.
4. Parks preserve critical wildlife habitat. As our city develops, our rural, agricultural
and forest landscape is being lost.
5. Parks and recreation, facilitate social interactions that are critical to maintaining community
cohesion and pride. Parks provide a meeting place for all people.
6. Leisure activities in parks improve moods, reduce stress and enhance a sense of well being.
7. Recreational programs provide organized, structured, enjoyable activities for all ages.
8. Community recreation services provide a refuge of safety for at-risk youth.
9. Therapeutic recreation is an outlet that individuals with disabilities have, to be physically
active, socially engaged and cognitively stimulated.
10. Public parks embody a tradition of preserving public lands for the benefit and use of all.
Epping and more widely the City of Whittlesea has many parks within its boarders.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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