Ferndale Street, Tighes Hill, NSW 2297

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Great for

  • Cost of living
  • Neighbourly spirit
  • Parking
  • Public transport
  • Schools

Not great for

  • Clean & green
  • Lack of traffic
  • Medical facilities
  • Peace and quiet
  • Resale or rental value

Who lives here?

  • Retirees
  • LGBTQ+

Reviews of Ferndale Street, Tighes Hill

"Fix the trains and live in peace, everyone shall be happy evermore. CALL 131 555 - Complaints Hotline For Noise & Dust etc"

Worst area for noise in newcastle - next door to 24hr coal train line. Can you imagine shunting at 1am, 2am 3am etc in the morning followed by crashing that sounds like an explosion of an IED used in war?
Then add to this cocktail, squealing of metal wheels and some diesel fumes into your bedroom window.

This is the cocktail for insomnia.

One day, I pray everyone gets sick enough of this problem and seriously tackles the operators that believe parking trains on our doorstep day and night is acceptable. We were told shunting wouldnt occur during all hours of the night, well thats a lie. Its just easier than parking them further away from the office or in a turnback at the Port. Resients (BAD LUCK)

Get ready for double the amount of coal passing through Port Waratah and double the problems at night. This is the future plan for ferndale St. I honestly feel sorry for those poor people who live here and can't do a thing about it.

Great for

  • The Pros work in Islington, Not Tighes Hill

Not great for

  • No concrete noise barrier ever created, just a tin fence - Cheapskates

Who lives here?

  • Retirees
  • LGBT+
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