Forrest Road, Hamilton Hill, WA 6163

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Ranked 2nd best street by locals in Hamilton Hill, WA

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Reviews of Forrest Road, Hamilton Hill

"Soon will be quiet"

Soon this rd will be a lot quieter with the stock rd end becoming a dead end.

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"Noisy at all hours. Domestic disputes and hoons are commonplace."

I have lived on Forrest Rd for nearly three years. Hoons are the main problem in this area. They race down the strip at high speeds and do donuts at intersections - every day. They generally come out in the early hours of the morning. We have roller shutters and they do little to block out the noise. My master bedroom is right near the main road and I live in costant fear of having one of these hoons crash though my bedroom wall.
Domestic disputes are fairly regular - lots of shouting and swearing out in the street. It is a common sight to see a woman and child running down the street to get away from their abusive partner.
Another worry is the random gunshots I hear every now and again. I am a little worried that a stray round is going to come though my window and slot me right in the head.

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Um I've lived on Forrest road for 12 years and not once have I ever heard gunshots...

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"Ok place to live, but on a main road!! Very noisy, specially trucks!!"

We have heard a fair few domestic disputes on this street! Traffic is really bad. Hoons are terrible doing burn out at all hours of the morning.

It is really close to a bus stop however which is the 940 which runs every 15 mins on week days and ever 7 mins during peak hour in the morning. It goes striaght to the city. Great if you work in the CBD.

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I gues Forrest road is at least a little bit quieter than Stock Road. Are there any plans in place to put speed restrictors in the road?


The speed limit on the road is only 60 km.

Not that anybody does that. I have lived there for 3 years and have only seen 1 police hand held the whole time.

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Forrest Road
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