Country lifestyle in Waurn Ponds/surrounds?

Hi all,

Im currently based in beautiful, sunny QLD, however my partner has just received an offer for medical school from Deakin University (Waurn Ponds campus).

Were looking at moving down early next year, or even with the possibility of myself moving the following year, depending on what happens with my current employment contract ahead of 2022. Completing our family are two beautiful horses who will both be moving with me.

With no first hand experience with Victoria at all (and being a complete geography amateur), I need to know if Waurn Ponds is a suitable suburb and whether there are neighbouring suburbs (within a 40 mins radius from campus) that could be suitable for us.

By suitable I mean something that offers the possibility of horse-friendly small acreage for lease, or even relaxed, self-care Agistment options at our doorstep (large private paddock style - I want to avoid fancy boarding barns and the like; in short Id like something quiet, relaxed (older facilities are fine) but with 100% safe infrastructure designed for horses, nothing pretentious, fancy or designed for Instagram).

Were not in a position to buy just yet, so that option is out. We do wish to in the close future, so Im trying to be smart with our finances. Any additional information at all to help compare the cost of living and the rental market in Waurn Ponds to what we have in QLD would be absolutely appreciated.

Im completely in the dark at the moment, so Im trying to find out as much as I can about the suburb and its neighbours and the chances of achieving this lifestyle in order to make the most informed decision.

Thank you so much!
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