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"Best Kept Secret on the Northern Beaches"

The eastern end of Greenwood Avenue (east of Alfred Street) and bordered by Parr parade on the south and Rayner Avenue to the north is possibly the best street in Narraweena. Due to its position the street has only local traffic (no through traffic). Ocean views are available at street level and most homes have ocean glimpse whilst others are blessed with full ocean views. Neighbours are friendly and decent. People look after their properties and gardens and respect the privacy and peace of their neighbours.

Blocks sizes vary from 610 SQM's to 1000 SQM's. Housing stock is from 50's to stylish new builds which are tasteful and in keeping with the size of the block. Due to the relatively inexpensive land price (by Northern beaches standards) knock-down-re-build is an option here - though you may have to wait a while as once people buy here they only leave in a box (some residents have been here since 1950)!

Dee Why beach is 15 minutes jog or 5 minutes in the car and beach parking is free to Warringah Council rate payers. The Dee Why Grand Shopping centre has been a fantastic addition to the existing shopping facilities at Warringah Mall.

Access to the city is easy by bus from Albert Street (45 mins to and 1hour approx) or by car (30 mins to 75 mins depending on time of travel).

Some may consider Narraweena the poor man's Collaroy? Think of it more as Dee Why Heights and only open to those in the know - get in now while you still can!

Great for

  • Peaceful and quiet
  • Minutes from many beaches
  • 5 minutes to the bright lights of Dee Wh

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