Is Hamilton St, Yarraville a good street to live in?

We want a nice area/street. We also have a young son.
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I Think Byrnecore has given good suggestions.
I'd like to have a go too..

you mention if you should be closer to the village, well, if it's the village you want then it has to be the village,
not near the village, as it's in the village that prospective village people are focused on.

your near the village but your in seddon, sure it's near everything but it's in seddon, near yarraville, near the village.
but hey, as a future rental it's an awesome spot, hidden and quiet, feels like yarraville too.

If possible, since your so close, like a few streets away, cross over the road and look at the west side of yarraville.
different to the village as it's more family orientated, nice big blocks of land where you can watch your neighbours
challenge each other on the biggest mcmansion they can plonk on top of 450m2, nah it's awesome, how does it go?
buy the worst house in the best st? well, pick a street, any street and watch what's coming.

my sneaky, now this may surprise some, Francis St, baby!
again, west side of yarraville, or west side of willy rd, anything along that strip would be a fantastic rental.
as we speak they are digging the foundations of yarraville gardens estate, the best part first, community centre & shopping centre, it's on francis st, which is going to get a facelift aswell.

Rental houses will be hot property when the shops are open, the fact that the entire construction is like a billion dollars
surely will see prices in that area sky rocket, or at least be a sought after spot to live.


Good comments yv3013. I do believe your referring to the "Bradmill Precinct". Here is the link to the Concept. I would also consider this, but as a long term investment. The value will go up as the infrastructure builds. Though a new estate such as this will never have the appeal of an old victorian home near the village or seddon. I believe these types of homes are built for PPoR buyers. Yarraville is in hot demand and this is an estate leveraging off that. I do like the look of it though! Definitely worth a look.

Thanks dude, yeah that's right, I think it has a positive effect either way. I was reffering to that part of yarraville around the estate, whilst the estate leverages off YV's hot demand, the area surrounding the estate will leverage off the billion dollars PPoR buyers bring in :) what's a PPoR? btw..


Primary place of residence, so home owners that intend to live there and not investors.

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

It is a nice area and there is very little traffic. Especially very low through traffic. Though I would class this area Seddon as it is on the Seddon side of Somerville Rd. The area is often over looked because it is disconnect from the main Yarravile area, though shares the exact same feeling of living as a Yarravile street.

If you question is just relating to living in the street, then it's great. Though if you look att he surroundings, you need to cross a main road to access Yarraville, or if you want a park, the closest is Gamon street park near the main drag. Then there is Yarravile gardens, which is a more of a drive. I do believe both have BBQs though.

If you work in the city, the access to main roads to get into the city is plentiful. Somerville rd will get you access to Footscray road, then Williamstown road gives you direct access to the West Gate Bridge, Though traffic conditions can be bad. Public transport is a bit of a walk here and is slowed down by having to cross said main road. You're up for around a 10 - 15 min walk, depending on traffic lights.

If you have a love of cafe life, you really need Yarravile, Gamon and Charles street are filled with great cafes and some are child friendly. So there is choice available.

I have lived in Williamstown/Newport, Footscray and Yarraville. So I'm pretty famialr with the area. I hope this was helpful.



Thank you so much. So, do you think if we are looking for a property to live in for a while and then potentially rent out then it's not the best area? Should we be looking closer to the village? Thanks


I should start with that I am no real estate and my words shouldn't be taken as gospel, though I have experienced trying to rent in the area and so have close friends. Though conditions change and that should be considered. Renting is very popular in the area. Though popularity peaks closer to shopping, transport and culture hot spots. In the last few years, it has been difficult to acquire rentals in the area because landlords have the luxury to choose their ideal applicants due to the popularity. The popularity almost assures good people in the area as small families and professional couples are the most ideal candidates for rentals, rather than students who can be less reliable. I wont tell you buy to or not to buy, but that is what I have experienced. Whether that influences your decision, the choice is yours. Enjoy making your decision.

Thank you so much. You have a wealth of knowledge. Great information to consider.

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