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27th August 2020

"Great place to live"

Let me preface this by saying I lived in Sydney for over 20 years, Castle Hill, Newtown, Erskinville etc.

So, Hamlyn Terrace NSW 2259.

Yes I would highly recommend, it’s quiet, it’s very convenient, it’s 13 minutes Tuggerah Westfield, 17 minutes to Lakes Beach and pretty much every other best beaches on the Coast, it’s 23 minutes to Erina Fair Shopping Centre, 8 minutes to Lakehaven shopping centre, 3 minutes to Woolworths and coles as well and there’s literally two of the best schools on the coast here both private and public just a 5 minute walk down the street.

Warnervale train station is a 15 minute walk and the freeway to Syd and Newcastle is 8 minutes away plus both private and public hospitals is just a 6 minute drive and GP’s within walking distance.

It’s Great area for Family, singles and young couples as well as retirees and just a really convenient location, it does everything Sydney does but it’s better because you can live like a king or queen in a actual house as apposed to counting your pennys living in a shoe box apartment in Sydney for a million dollars.

Now for the bad news, if you’re looking to buy on the coast (especially Hamlyn Terrace) good luck 99% of the newer land releases have sold out and theirs certain streets in Hamlyn Terrace that are very rare for owners to give up their homes for sale as they are the more “exclusive” streets in the area (for the central coast anyway). Also every one in Sydney especially first home buyers are moving up here so demand is really, really high but there’s just not enough houses or land releases to meet the demand so a funny thing is now happening prices are going up and the ones that are “reasonably” priced last a week or two at the most. Most Auctions in the past few months don’t even make it to Auction as they’re sold days before Which I’m certain is Covid-19 driven now people realise they no longer need to go into an office anymore and can work from home heaps and I do me A Lot of people from Sydney are moving up here so if you can get a place you love do it soon.

Overall very happy I moved from Sydney to Hamlyn Terrace, took months of searching and researching and this is the area we settled on based on all the points mentioned above and have very happily lived here for over 7 years now.

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"One of the best suburbs on the Central Coast"

I have lived here in the Magnolia Estate for two years now, all I can say is that I have never seen or heard of any problems in Hamlyn Terrace. If you drive through Hamlyn Terrace the houses generally look beautiful, you won't see many old or run down houses here. It's a very quiet place to live. From a strategic point of view it's one of the more convenient places to live too. Woolworths and Coles at Wadalba are within walking distance. Warnervale train station is not far either. There are plenty of bus stops that take you to Lake Haven shopping centre, Wyong, and Tuggerah. The M1 motorway is very close, and Soldier's Beach and Norah head are about 15 minutes drive away. Wyong Hospital is only a couple of minutes drive down the road and there are many medical centres close by, Ambulance stations and medical facilities.

Before I bought here I had done a lot of research on the area. I had asked the developer why some of the new areas that were being developed not far from Hamlyn Terrace were cheaper. He told me that at the back of some of those suburbs were some housing commissions and run down houses and that Hamlyn Terrace was more developed so that's the reason why you could get more land for the same price in those suburbs. He had told me that Hamlyn Terrace was definitely the higher end suburb of all the other suburbs being developed around the area. Now that I have lived here for 2 years I would have to totally agree.

Most of the people that I have met within the Magnolia estate are people who pretty much had the same idea as I had. That is they didn't want to pay the ridiculous hiked up prices for a home near or around Sydney. Why not spend half or a third of that money instead here and be close to the beach in a beautiful suburb in a brand new estate? I have found that a lot of the people who live around here are people who came from Sydney or within Sydney metropoliton areas.

It's very quiet and peaceful here, I always feel safe and I have never seen one person ever cause any trouble. If you walk around the block it's a very pleasant atmosphere. I don't have any children, but I have been to the local public school to vote and it looks like a very nice school.

There are many more estates and houses being built here, and Hamlyn Terrace is rapidly developing. There is also supposed to be a new Town Centre being built at Warnervale soon.

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