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"The best kept secret for good, safe living in Gippslands beautiful hills!"

Beautiful high, quiet residential cottage-type street ideal for young families and retirees. Great mountain farm views, fabulous clean air...all just 90 to 100 minutes easy freeway drive to Melbourne CBD. Only four 'quiet' traffic lights in the whole distance between Yallourn North and Tullamarine, just 2 hours away. High Road is walking distance to 'everywhere'...the oval, the town pool, the shops andschools, the kinder and the bus stop to Moe.

If you want affordable living with active, lovely, friendly, down to earth country people...come here. ASAP! Don't hesitate. We did 4 years ago and love the place. You have time to be a family...not wasting all your money on a huge mortgage. Be the people and parents you want to be. Young families would never need to worry again. The primary school is fabulous. Secondary school buses go into Moe just 10 minutes away. Mum can be close on hand for the kids and great kinder etc and Dad has plenty of work options in Traralgon, Churchill, Morwell, Newborough, Moe, Trafalgar, Yarragon and Warragul...ALL under 30 mintes from this central spot...plus he will soon make friends with other guys who spend a lot of time playing footy, cricket, fishing, bowling and shooting and mechanical / woodcraft hobbying! Older people have the bowling club, the senior citizens' centre and lots of groups. Our local Opp shop is the best around and our local supermarket is good for everyday supplies. The RSL and other clubs are so close, in Moe. Travel to Baw Baw snow in 65 minutes, historic Walhalla in 45 minutes via the best scenery in the Valley.

Here it is...The jewel in the Gippsland crown...Yallourn North. Look at the map and you will find that we are the best place to live, to get that Gippsland / close to Melbourne city balance! If you are loking for a community that really opens its heart to new people, come here and find friends for life.

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees

I envy you...in fact, really envy you.

I researched all around this area a while ago and considered Yallourn North (with a couple of other areas too) to be a great spot to live, for all the reasons you so aptly wrote.

Unfortunately, my wife doesn't want to know about it so have that unnecessary mortgage much closer in to Melbourne, but my heart really lies in an area such as where you're living.

So, divorce or peace-of-mind - Hmmn, sometimes I wonder... :)


Hi Trumpet,

Maybe it is worth speaking again with your wife...bring her up here for a visit? The town is changing and things are moving here, as people understand that what they put into their homes will not only give back added lifestyle pleasures but increased home values.

As a mother, ex teacher and community-interested person I see that Yallourn North has it all on a platter for young families, as well as for those who do not want to crucify their life goals, to pay, pay and pay yet more in wasted mortgages.

At the end of the day Yallourn North is rich in what it offers, in a way that any day-dead, 'dormitory corridor' part of Melbourne can never offer. If people want to study, the excellent Churchill Uni is 26 minutes away. If they want to get ahead in their careers, there are jobs offered, govt and private, that provide for real progress and 'fast tracking'. If they want to engage in community development I have never seen such a richly supported arena as this area. If they want healthy, happy children this place is just beautiful, so safe and kids can really run free.

Most of all? Nothing gives so much peace of mind, as driving home through these hills to arrive in the town on dusk, with chimneys all smoking cosily, people relaxed, still smiling and walking everywhere, truly engaging with each other as neighbours...doing their own thing with time to really do it...all set against a backdrop of the most beautiful, well-watered, bright green farm hills!

The fact that this is all here, under 2 hours from Melbourne is startling. Having gone through the sadness of losing a marriage that was too pressured by crippling home payments and struggling to make it "all fit together' myself...I only wish that others now could avoid that likely outcome for themselves, as interest rates rise unmercifully. I do hope that you can talk together, find your goals together...and make a move that will help and allow you both to mentally grow more together. If marriage is indeed a two way street...Yallourn North provides the right balance.

Your financial assets would grow...and faster if lower payments means higher opportunity to invest...but your family 'emotional' asset resources would grow fastest...the ones that cannot be merely 'bought'! Time for creative togetherness, time for mentally relaxing, time for actually 'doing together'...what marriage is truly about! Good luck trumpet! Keep talking with your wife! It would be worth doing, in view of the benefits to be gained for your family, if you could make this type of move.


All we need is more Melbourneites and other people after that 'bit of country' in their lives that know absolutely nothing about care and maintenance of owing acreage! All I see is good properties go to waste of people like that. It's all well and good for people to want a quiet country change but they lack the responsibility and knowledge that need to go with it. A good example is the "Cable Rise" estate. not good land for building on at all and we've lost more prime grazing land! As for this property, most people would remove the trees but its the only redeeming quality of this block. You have a household that's running an industrial business across the road from you and when it rains, this particular block cops all the run off so becomes a boggy mess.
And if you do build here (which I know as I am a life long resident of Yallourn North!) you wont get much return on your investment as the town has no room for expansion (great in my eyes). The town people, yes are close, but nothing of what used to be due to death and moving away, we are now filled with 'blow ins' who are anti-social on the most part and bring with them the worries of larger areas such lack of consideration and impoliteness!


Hi curlywirly. Sorry you have a different perception to my own about Yallourn North, though I am a 'blow in'. Not sure that I agree with you on the return on investment idea, let alone other more negative though no doubt bluntly and honestly spoken comments. Property prices have risen up to 50-60% in the last 4 years...with much more room for growth as more people learn about the area generally. There is actually growth / expansion potential albeit perhaps taking grazing land. Grazing land would not be converted for housing if grazing were so lucrative, but parcels of subdividable land are being sold. Presumably they could be used for future housing development? However the more immediate potential I would think lies in the redevelopment of existing cottage properties in the town. The houses are gradually being renovated and they look lovely in my view. I also think that the 'lack of consideration and impoliteness' that you refer to may be more to do with modern life generally...and less to do with being a native of Yallourn North...or not? From my position I have never known such delightful, caring neighbors so I guess that people who may be considering the move to here would do well to check more and to decide for themselves. All I can say is that I personally love Yallourn North and all it has to offer. As more people move out...for whatever reason, then more new people will move in and a town is little more than its natural resources and the sum of the people in it. Hopefully the unfriendly ones may be avoided. At least here people are happier than in many other areas because home loans are not so crippling so life and living can be enjoyed and shared more easily.

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