Relocating into the area early 2020

Howdy all - We are close to purchasing a property in the area of Aldavilla and want to know about any safety concerns around the local jail being out there or local crime in the area. I have read varying stories and opinions and - whilst taking them all onboard - know that if we -
* Don't hang out or walk around town after dark,
* Start nor go looking for trouble,
* Are genuine, normal and want to have a go,
should be able to have a good, affordable, happy life .

We are 3 adult workers - my partner is a Storeman, top forkie, transport allocator and inventory controller by trade. I'm in the First Aid sales, service and training industry and our mate is a cleaning freak who is great with people and a go getter.
Are there any qualifications or other recommendations that a local could also think to make sure that we have to help secure work in the area when we land?
Basically - what advise would you give 3 people in their 40's who are relocating from Sydney to your town who want to make a go of it and have a good life?
Cheers in advance for any relevant info.
Merry Christmas!!
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The stabbing in Dondingalong wasn't a random attack, both parties knew each other.
If you're looking at larger acreage type properties, I'd stick with south and east of Kempsey, Euroka, the aforementioned Dondingalong, Verges Creek et al. Why? Because if you need access to the highway you don't have to drive through the main part of Kempsey to get there.

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

To be honest I wouldn't even consider going anywhere near the town. I'm only 29, my mum n dad both live there and both work. It's a nasty place if you haven't grown up there. Aldavilla is just the same as the rest of Kempsey. I regret every second I was there. I currently live in Newcastle and i can't fault it. Go on to google and type Kempsey police news. Every day there's stagoabbings, family friend was stabbed to death in donfingalong only 2 months ago. The list of crime will have you looking elsewhere very fast. The beach areas are beautiful if you live 4 hours away. Sorry to put a downer on this, but Kempsey is a good for nothing, make you wanna die kind of place.

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

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