DIY home decor: Copper mason jar upcycle

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4 min readCould your home decor use some luxe shimmery touches? It turns out you don’t need to spend a fortune to embrace the charms of metallic finishes and furnishings at home.

 Image: Dulux Australia Image: Dulux Australia

If you’re looking to give some ordinary household objects a glamourous copper makeover, look no further than a humble can of spray paint, such as Dulux Duramax, and your pantry for some spare jars.

One of the best things about Dulux Duramax Metallic Finish is that you can use it to upcycle a variety of objects and materials, including timber, metal, plastic, glass and ceramics. Also, because it’s so quick to dry you can turnaround a DIY project in a matter of hours.

Dulux Colour Expert Andrea Lucena-Orr says, ‘Rose Gold is one of the hottest trends and it’s incredibly versatile’.

’It has more warmth than gold and silver and looks fabulous paired with classic navy and white, deep greens and earthy neutrals. Use Dulux Duramax Metallic Finish Rose Gold to transform a plain pendant light into a glam feature above the kitchen bench; or create a rose-tinted vignette from a trio of simple glass vessels that you can display on a shelf or coffee table’, suggests Andrea.

 Image: Dulux Australia Image: Dulux Australia

We decided to go with a mason jar makeover because they’re so affordable (typically around $1-$2 a piece), on-trend and such a versatile accessory (see their 21 uses below).

Here’s our step-by-step guide to creating your very own spray-painted statement copper mason jars.

How to make dazzling copper mason jars:

You will need:

Dulux Duramax Metallic Finish spray paint in Rose Gold

3 mason jars

Masking tape

Drop sheet/ newspaper

Lazy Susan (optional)


Safety glasses

Step 1. Remove the lids from your mason jars and set them aside. Wipe down the outside of your mason jar with a damp cloth to remove any dust or grime that’ll prevent clean adhesion. Nb. Make sure the surface is dry before spraying.

Step 2. Use your masking tape to block off any areas you don’t want to be painted on your jars. You can make patterns, shapes or lines depending on the look you want (I did gold dipped, horizontal stripes and also coated an entire jar).

Step 3. Lay down your drop sheet in a well-ventilated area (outside is best to avoid overspray damaging surfaces or indoor furniture).

Step 4. Cover your lazy Susan with a layer of newspaper. Line up your 3 jars on the Lazy Susan so you can spray each side of your jars without having to touch them.

Step 5. Put on your safety glasses, shake the can for 3 minutes before first use and also in between coats.

Step 6. Spray several light misty coats (I did 3) of Dulux Duramax Metallic Finish onto your glass jars as you gradually rotate the lazy Susan. Alternatively, without a lazy Susan, you can just walk carefully around the jars as you spray. Wait 30 minutes in between coats for the paint to dry.

Tip: Spray with smooth even strokes parallel to the surface holding the can about 15cm from the jars for an even finish.

And voila, your jars are ready to be brought inside and put on display!

21 uses for your new luxe copper mason jars:

Tea light candle holder

Pot plant

Toothbrush holder


Desk organiser

Laundry powder holder

Liquid hand soap dispenser

Pendant light fittings


Bathroom organiser (cotton tips, bath salt, bobby pins storage)

Sewing kit

Kitchen fresh herb planter/keeper

Craft storage

Mini terrarium

Picture frame

Table centrepiece

Ribbon dispenser

Fairy light night light

Piggy bank

Makeup brush holder

Gift box

For more fun DIY projects to up your home’s decor game check out these crafty home improvement projects, DIY copper patina plant pots and DIY boho paper feather artwork.

Happy painting!

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