Luxury touches to upgrade your bathroom

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4 min readAre you in the midst of planning a bathroom renovation and left wondering how you can include a little extra luxury?

We have put together a few of our designer’s favourite luxury touches to add to your bathroom renovation plans.

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Shower heads

Gone are the days of selecting the one traditional overhead rain shower. Our designers love to add in an overhead rain shower paired with a hand held shower to give you a full body experience. Not only is this an ideal option for the whole household, as a hand held shower enables individuals to tailor a showering experience to their needs, it also doubles as a convenient way to clean the shower. Not to mention it comes in handy on the days you don’t want to get your hair wet.

Image: smarterBATHROOMS+

Natural light

Bathrooms are typically on the smaller side and they’re rarely lit properly, especially with a natural light source. Adding natural light to your space will open up the room and give the illusion of more space. This can be achieved by including a large window, even a highlight window when precious wall space is taken up by your fixtures and fittings. Internal rooms can include a skylight to fill the room with the luxury of natural light.

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Large format tiles

Large format tiles add an aspect of luxury to a space. When correctly selected and paired with a complimentary grout colour the tiles will merge into one, making the floor and walls feel as though they are made from one continuous tile. This eliminates seen grout meaning the eye isn’t drawn to grout lines rather viewing the surface as a whole. (Not to mention cleaning it is a breeze!)

For sale: 29 Edro Avenue, Brighton East, VIC


Bespoke cabinetry

We love nothing more than seeing bespoke joinery in a bathroom. Bespoke vanity units have the ability to tie a bathroom together, and add unique character and charm to a room. With innovative design solutions there are multiple ways storage can be maximised within a custom piece ensuring the unit is not only striking but also functional. It’s so important to get the joinery right within your bathroom to ensure it complements the space rather than fights against it.

For sale: 11 Southern Cross Drive, Cronin Island, Surfers Paradise, QLD


Large mirror(s)

The correct placement and proportion of a mirror within a bathroom can make such a difference to the overall look and feel of a space. There is no better way of opening up a room and dispersing light than with the help of a mirror or even multiple mirrors to make a space feel light and bright. There are many design options when it comes to mirrors, whether it be mirrored cabinets, shape mirrors, tinted mirrors, the list goes on, this is a simple way to add a little luxury to your space.

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Colour accents

Who says your bathroom has to be all white? Don’t be afraid to have some fun with colour and choose an unexpected shade or design feature. Nothing speaks true luxury than a unique and well thought out design. Pastels, floral accents or waterproof wallpaper – they’re all on-trend options in bathroom design. Explore interesting patterns for your tiles and contrasting colours; your bathroom can be as unique as you are.

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Let our award winning design team help you add a little extra luxury in your bathroom space. Visit our showroom or make an appointment with our award winning design team today. Our designers will work with you to transform your space into something special.

For more considerations for a bathroom renovation look at our budget bathroom makeover tips, four super cool bathroom appliances and 10 ways to maximise your bathroom space.

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smarterBATHROOMS+ is a Registered Domestic Builder based in Port Melbourne, Australia. We are a family owned and run business who have been offering full-service design, build and project management for over 14 years, giving you peace of mind with a turn-key solution to your renovation needs. We pride ourselves on the timely delivery of outstanding building works tailored to your style and your budget. Book a free in-home consultation here.

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  1. I just got myself speechless when read the article with the gorgeous images of luxurious bathroom. You are really good to renovate a bathroom with luxury touches. Great post!! Keep sharing like this……….

  2. It seems to me a great loss of money. Luxury touches can be possible without spending so much money as well. Sometimes a simple change can makeover your bathroom luxurious. Anyway thanks for sharing all those great renovation ideas. Those have a great amount of money will appreciate your post!!


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