5 times Pinterest showed us security shutters are cool again

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3 min readWe get it, in a word association game ‘security shutters’ wouldn’t immediately conjure up adjectives like ‘chic’, ‘sleek’ or ‘cool’. You’d be forgiven for associating security shutters with grandma’s house circa 1982. But, the shutters of today are doing so much more than securing homes from criminals, cutting down energy bills and protecting homes from inclement weather, they’re actually improving the look of your home’s exterior.

Although there’s already evidence to show security shutters can improve the value of your home, it’s often attributed to the practicalities: security and protection. Rarely do we associate it with aesthetics. But Pinterest is turning the tide on old visions of colour-worn custard-cream window coverings; showing us instead that shutters are very much part of modern architecture and facade design, complementing and lifting the look of a home. Don’t believe us? Here are our favourite examples of security shutters on windows doing away with that old lame beige game.

1. Sleek & modern.

Kimbel via Pinterest

This modern Bond-esque British Columbian home uses tonal elements of its environment to complement, not contrast the home’s design. The tri-design shutters keep lines clean, modern and cohesive with the rest of the home’s facade, and the marriage of aluminium with timber is unique, without looking out of place or as though it’s trying too hard.

2. Hamptons style.

QMI via Pinterest

Plucked straight from the Hamptons, these shutters are barely visible and don’t take away from the sophistication of this year’s biggest house trend. Clean and crisp, white on white gives a fresh perspective on using modern shutters on a classic style home. If you’re worried about keeping them as-new, don’t fret; aluminium domestic roller shutters are easy to clean and designed not to discolour.

3. Nature calling.

Kimbel via Pinterest

The use of aluminium doesn’t have to interfere with a nature-inspired home. Yep, even treehouse homes can be lifted with a little shutter love. This gorgeous log-cabin style home opts for a shade that complements its dark timber and doesn’t put shutters on every window helping to keep its quaintness intact. It’s a clever design (and budget-friendly!) choice to only use them on areas that will be most impacted either by harsh weather, dips and spikes of temperature and within easy reach of intruders.

4. Colour contrast.

Krispol via Pinterest

You don’t have to play it safe with tonal shutter choices. The beachy use of blue to offset blonde brick and rendering is clever, and a little brave. None of this should work, but the mix of shades and materials are cohesive and complementary. And, although they’ve chosen to cover all front windows with shutters, they have managed to avoid looking shut-in, allowing the facade to look light and welcoming from the street.

5. Two-tone.

Dako via Pinterest

Leaving the best for last, this epitomises tying security shutters directly into a unique architectural vision. The true black roller shutters with light timber panelling make a statement while being practical at the same time. Having large windowed areas in the front of the home works for saturating your home in natural light, and (in this case) offering an incredible view. But, left open, can discolour furniture, cause uncomfortable temperature levels in the home and a loss of privacy. The shutters are the solution to these issues and benefit the design immensely.

Security shutters have endured some aesthetic criticism over the years due to misconceptions that those dowdy covers of yesteryear were the only options (or, worse, the jail-esque bars fixed to windows). But, as these design-savvy residential facades have shown, you can protect your home, and family, without sacrificing style; transforming your house, most certainly, into the best on street.

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