Top 5 Friendliest Suburbs in Australia’s Major Cities

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How often do you say ‘hi’ to your neighbours in the street? Do you even know their names? While not quite as important as who you live with, who you live near is a contributing factor to feeling at home in the suburb you live in.  Studies have shown that there is a positive relationship between life satisfaction and people feeling like they belong to a neighbourhood community. Wellbeing is higher amongst those who have contact with their neighbours. Even just a simple hello can have a huge impact on how happy we feel where we live. 

There’s never been a better time to reconnect with the true meaning of friendly community values this holiday period. Whether it’s a smile and wave on your walks, chats in the local dog park or family-friendly street parties, there’s nothing quite like a close-knit suburb to make you feel right at home. 

So where are the friendliest suburbs in Australia?

Most suburbs in capital cities are more likely to be known for their fabulous dining, strong coffee or highly-priced real estate rather than their friendliness. But you can have it all, according to Homely’s latest report on the top 5 friendliest suburbs in each major city.

According to Homely suburb reviews, which cover thousands of suburbs across Australia and comprise more than a million reviews, these are the top five from each capital city voted for neighbourly community. 

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5 friendliest suburbs in Melbourne

  1. Glen Iris

  2. Reservoir

  3. Yarraville

  4. Mount Eliza

  5. Essendon

“I could not be more passionate about this wonderful leafy suburb which offers a perfect blend of old world charm and luxury homes. It was not until I moved to the area that I really understood just how perfect Glen Iris is for families. A very tight knit community with very friendly and helpful neighbours. I think because I am from a farm in New Zealand, the abundant greenery in the area is something that really connects with me and gives a sense of relaxation. The area however is also so alive with activity if you seek it out. 26 different options for parks, endless biking & walking trails, brilliant amenities, super fresh food at Ashburton Village on High Street (or the more luxurious option of Leo’s supermarket on Summerhill Road) a myriad of cafes (with the ‘Glen Iris Pantry’ being a local institution) immediate access to the freeway and CBD, the convenience of 10 minutes to Chadstone Shopping or Bunnings (as there are a lot of DIY lovers locally) and a plethora of schooling options.” Todd Braggins

5 friendliest suburbs in Sydney

  1. Menai

  2. Mount Colah

  3. Kings Langley

  4. Bangor 

  5. Jordan Springs

Great neigbours, good community spirit. Nice leafy suburb with train to city or no tolls. Close to Kuringgai Chase National Park. Just Beautiful. Fiveisalive

5 friendliest suburbs in Brisbane

  1. Parkinson

  2. West End

  3. Chapel Hill

  4. Carina 

  5. Yeronga

“West End represents an alternative take on urban living. There is nothing like it in Australia, and few places like it in the world. Imagine. A place where your neighbours are your friends, and your friends are artists, builders, students, doctors, musicians, lawyers, yoga instructors, academics, bloggers, local business owners, and circus performers.” Giddy

5 friendliest suburbs in Adelaide

  1. Wynn Vale

  2. Golden Grove

  3. Somerton Park

  4. Woodcroft

  5. Westbourne Park

“Recently moved here and I am already glad we did. The beach is beautiful and the people we have met in the neighbourhood have been lovely.” Randy Moloney, Somerton Park

5 friendliest suburbs in Perth

  1. Willagee

  2. Tapping

  3. Craigie

  4. Woodvale

  5. Kalamunda

Of course not everyone is happy with the list.  

“Ascot Vale is without a doubt friendlier than Edithvale. I’ve lived in both!” says Linda, mother of two who works in finance. “Whenever there’s a birthday our whole street gets involved. There’s a local marketplace for second hand goods and our mother’s groups are more like best friends.”

“Surely Leichhardt gets a mention,” queries Jack, an inner west Sydney local who thrives on the local DJ  scene, while Rob from SA firmly believes Unley belongs on the list, if only because of the shared love of historical house builds that connects the area. 

OK these all sound great but… where are the inner city suburbs?

Scrolling through these reviews, you’ll see that it’s the suburbs harbouring the positive and laid-back vibes, the sense of community and a family-oriented atmosphere making the top spots on the ‘friendly’ chart. None of the top ranking suburbs are the popular ‘inner city favourites’ we might have expected. Why?

The answer may be simple. Are the people of Fitzroy and Carlton simply too busy to comment? Maybe the residents of Surry Hills and Redfern value convenience and the fast-paced cosmopolitan way of life more. Perhaps the type of person who can afford to live in Teneriffe isn’t necessarily going to say ‘good morning’ to you on your morning coffee commute.

The trend so far is clear, but do we have any inner city friends reading who disagree? We’d love to hear from you, share your thoughts on our reviews pages now!


Co-written by James Lowther and Marika Berney.

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