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20th October 2021

"Convenient apartment living for professionals and singles"

Lived in Melbourne 3004 for a few years. I used to work in the city every day so it was super convenient to get there by tram which took only 10 mins. As the suburb is just on the outskirts of the city, you don't get the mad rush of the CBD while still being really close by. There's also a designated bike lane all the way down St Kilda Road which is handy. I used to ride my scooter to work as well. If you need quick and easy access to the CBD, Melbourne 3004 is perfect.

Much of the area is comprised of big apartment complexes. Living in a big apartment building has its pros and cons. On the one hand it's very low maintenance living and many of the buildings have their own concierge. This can be handy if you're a busy professional. However some cons are:
1) Lack of on street parking.
2) Lifts can take a while at busy times.
3) Buildings often have quite strict rules about many things.

The suburb is parallel to Albert Park lake and Fawkner Park, both of which are amazing for walking or running. Although sometimes they do get incredibly busy. There's an abundance of really high-quality coffee on St Kilda Road and nearby streets. My favourite cafe was Mr. Percival on Queens Lane. There are great sporting facilities really close by with Albert Park Tennis World and MSAC just to name a few. Pre-Covid the nightlife and bars in the area were really good too.

All in all it's a great suburb but it depends on your stage of life. For a young, busy professional it can be perfect. But the streets are always really busy and everyone is rushing around, so it's definitely not the most relaxing environment if that's what you're after. Not really a suburb where I'd choose to raise a family in.

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St Kilda Road offers so many wonderful lifestyle options. Enjoy easy access to tram stops into the City of Melbourne; visit the Arts Centre, National Gallery, Prahran Market, Albert Park Lake, South Melbourne Market, St Kilda Baech and so much more.

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6th October 2021

"St Kilda Rd living"

St Kilda Rd is close to multiple parks and a stone's throw to the CBD. Great coffee and transport links. Overall a great place to live.

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13th January 2020

"Amazing City"

Who lives here?

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  • Families with kids
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