Mitcham Street, Punchbowl, NSW 2196

4.5(1 review)

Great for

  • Childcare
  • Eating out
  • Lack of traffic
  • Neighbourly spirit
  • Nightlife

Not great for

  • Parking

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Reviews of Mitcham Street, Punchbowl

"Walking on Sunshine"

Although the street is lined with government commission houses,the neighbors are very friendly and helpful people.There is usually no rubbish lying round,the grass is always trimmed and there are average size trees instead of huge trees(like the ones in Belair St) that attract insects.The streets are very safe at night so you can rest easily and also enjoy the tranquility of this street.I've known some people who have lived here for 40 years or more so you can tell this is a very nice area.I would recommend this to families with young children as there are two parks minutes away.

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
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