moving to Mossman from abroad but stuck on ideas

Hello all in Australia up FNQ.

Ideas on how to move from abroad to fnq. Please read about our situation below.

About me/us: Im an Australian living in The Netherlands for many years now. I am really missing home and want to be back. Ill be bringing my Dutch husband (I.T professional who has a background in banking and working with the government) and I have my own business with interior decorating. He will eventually look for pt work and we will buy our first Aussie home outright/ no mortgage up to 350k. We are professional, extremely tidy, courteous and friendly (very excited to join the bowls club). So we hope we can get to know many locals. Im a community-spirited one (husband a little reserved - very dutch but friendly).

Our decision: We have narrowed it down with many pros and cons to where we want to live. We would like a community that's friendly, safe, affordable, semi-rural and Mossman came out to be top. Mind you, I long to live in The Daintree but it might be too difficult with my line of work as it's internet based. Also trying to get information on living in the Daintree is difficult. So, Mossman was a top choice we realised, as it has all facilities and close to Pt Douglas.

Our predicament: we will sell our home in the Netherlands, but how to live for a few months up to a year (that's not super expensive) while waiting for a home to buy? This won't be our end home but a base home for a few years while we get settled. We have an amazing dog. Very well schooled with a list of training certifications and lives indoors with us (not a barker). I know also, dogs are an issue with rentals, but he is family and we won't leave him in the Netherlands. I also see there is a shortage of rentals and we don't want to be locked into a long lease.

Please give us your ideas: So , ANY ideas would be much appreciated. As the weather is always warm, we could rent a shed lol.
Caravans are hard as my husband is 2 meters 6 but an idea of a large annex is possible for him to relax in. But is it affordable to rent in a caravan park for several months and legal? Some parks are rather expensive and can cost upwards of over $270pw we saw and only max for 12 weeks (we may need longer if waiting for a home to buy).
Hope to hear your thoughts, KM.
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