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"Nice and close to JCU"

but this is too close to two main highways and some troubling areas


I think you'll find there are only a few streets affected by the highways and that the rest of the suburb is one of the quietest in Townsville. As a suburb with one of the lowest crime rates in Townsville, which troubling areas do you mean?

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"Annandale's a great place to live and work - An agents perspective"

What I really love about Annandale are the parklands that intertwine the streets and rivers, the excellent schools in both the eastern and western sides, the independant shopping centre, the proximity to employment and the City, and the fantastic sporting facilities at Murray.

Annandale has always been a strong performer in terms of growth and resale value, so a great place to invest as well as live. As a Real Estate Agent I have seen Annandale go through the good times of 2004-2008 where everyone was seeing some really good growth. But now we are seeing the down times of post-GST insecurity. In these times between 2009 and 2010, Annandale has still performed well with between 2-4% growth in property values. Not bad when other suburbs are actually going backwards.

Annandale is one of those suburbs where you always see people walking or running along parkways, kids are playing in the quiet courts, Saturday morning sees the sports fields packed full of soccer mums and dads and when you sit outside of an evening all you hear is a few birds and the odd Blackhawk helicopter fly overhead.

A truely great place to raise a family and own an investment property.

Who lives here?

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