Can anyone tell me what its like out at Newee Creek. Any issues with crime there?

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No crime out newee creek such a wonder place to live :-)


Welcome to ask any questions my family have loved here for 20 + years


Newee Creek does have a high crime rate, as does most of the towns in that area. The domestic violence is some of the highest in Australia, high unemployment and massive drug use.. Avoid the whole area of I were you. Sorry but I have to be completely honest. Anyone that states otherwise has a vested interest. ie realestate agents

Hi Emmy, what are your thoughts on Nambucca heads?


Hi danig1. I would steer clear of the whole area, Nambucca included. I know it's cheap realestate and a lot of people are moving to the regional areas but this area is to be avoided completely. If you are really wanting to find out what I'm talking about for yourself, I'd advise renting for a few weeks/months first before making a huge mistake and buying there. Hope this helps, all the best .

Hi Emmy, thank you for responding. Heading down that way this week to have a look. Have been looking all around that area for months now. Its refreshing to get some real feedback about the area, really appreciate it.

Hi Emmy Just wondering if you have ever lived in newee creek or Nambucca heads? I live in newee creek and have for 21 year I know everyone here theirs no crime what so ever here everyone is home owners and theirs no domestic violence what so ever here- Nambucca heads is ok too I have heaps of friend that live in different parts of the town with no issues- theirs always going to be that 1-2 streets in every town that has rough households I have heard macksville been in abit of crime lately-

Also wondering Houses arent cheap here in Nambucca maybe cheap to Sydney prices - ? I think you will find theirs nothing for sale here- everything is been purchased up theirs a few 2 bedrooms but not many 3 bed room family homes available supply and demand theirs nothing for rent nothing for sale- Theirs around 250 people with applications to rent with nothing to rent- in my option that shows its not to bad to live here- I love living here wouldnt live anywhere else- newee creek is were its at- and everything is getting sold within ushally 1 day of advertisement on

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

Rentals in Nambucca Heads, NSW 2448