Whats Noosaville like to live for a family

I am thinking of moving to Noosaville but would like to know what the schools are like , medical Services like ? Is it a welcoming place for families or it is a small community hard to break into . Are there lots of activities for kids ( Kids Clubs) (Dance Clubs) (Swimming Tennis Clubs) etc
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Suzie Mcdonald Nov 11, 2020
Noosaville is a very welcoming place for families. There are many schools located nearby. Noosaville State school, Noosaville childcare and pre-school, Adeona Noosaville, Goodstart early learning. Plenty of medical services, lots of Drs and holistic centres, physios and alternate therapies. The leisure centre is a Council run centre in Noosaville next to the library. They have lots of kids activities like Noosa fit kids and a kids play room as well as adult fitness classes, meeting rooms, a cafe and a creche. They have stadium sports, creative writing workshops and social groups. The largest swimming pool is at the Noosa aquatic centre at Noosa Heads, just a short 7 minute drive away. This also has a large covered pool area for young children. The Noosa area is like a village and people are very friendly and welcoming to new families to the area as most people have moved here from somewhere. Joining the surf clubs is also a great way to meet people and get children involved in"Nippers". On the river at Noosaville is the Noosa Yacht and rowing club who also have classes to learn to sail. You can hire a kayak or a stand up paddle board or a small boat and make the most of Noosa river. There are many outdoor concerts held along the river, excellent well maintained bbq areas and children's playgrounds as well as lots of great local coffee shops and restaurants. It's Paradise!!

Suzie Mcdonald
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