The best sunshine coast suburb to live from a move from Sydney

have been planning to move from Sydney to sunshine coast for some years .
need some helpful advice on best suburb to relocate.
bit of background to assist
we live on the water in southern Sydney and would like to be near beach or on the water on the sunshine coast.
both wife and myself very active just turned 50 yrs young , love the water sports surfing, swimming, paddling and skiing .
Our 2 girls will be both at uni from next year and will probably transfer up.
unfortunately , with current limited employment opportunities , our occupations would require us to commute to Brisbane .
selection criteria would be
near water and/or beach
good close knit community type suburb
reasonable access and distance to Brisbane
area that will not get affected by holiday crowds
preferably area not reclaimed swamp or midge problem , although do like pelican waters for proximity and access to pumicestone passage and bribie island. not sure the insect problem is around pelican waters only heard rumours
also like Bokarina and surrounding suburbs but worried this could become too busy with new hospital and commercial area and get busy holiday time.
hey , I know this is a pretty specific list , but coming from a great coastal suburb need to make sure move to something just as good .
anyway some advice from local residents and maybe families that have made the big interstate move would help .
regards Carso
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We moved up from Melbourne last year to Pelican Waters after slogging it out in corporate jobs for over 25years and are loving it. We both continue to work for Melbourne and Sydney based companies which forces us to do the Brisbane drive at least once a week. It's a little long and annoying after living 20mins from the CBD but worth it for the lifestyle. And no point complaining - many residents in Pelican Waters are commuters due to its proximity to the Highway/Brisbane.
We have 2 school aged boys and our lifestyle has changed completely - We run, cycle, swim, scooter kayak or jet-ski daily. And many nights are spent at BBQs with new friends and neighbours.
Bug-wise. I haven't seen a single midge. There are some mozzies and flies but not to the point I find it annoying, besides I am not sure of anywhere in Queensland where you can completely escape that element of the environment.
From what I have experienced over the past 12 months, during tourist season The Golden Beach side is busy as is central caloundra, but apart from a few annoying local kids hanging around fishing during the day, there isn't much evidence of the holiday crowds in Pelican Waters. Plus you can always get a park at the local shopping centre and Tavern regardless of the time of year.
I think that covers off most of your questions. I hope this was helpful. Happy deciding....we spent 3 years mulling over the same issues before making the move. We think we made a good choice. cheers.


Are you still happy with your decision? We're thinking of doing the same thing. Do you know what the childcare is like in Pelican Waters?

Hey, thank you. We're thinking about making this happen as well. My wife is a bit concerned about it being too sleepy and that it won't have the access to shops and shopping that we don in Manly. Basically, is it boring? How far is it to a decent mall? Thank you so much. Also, we have 3 9 year olds and school is a concern.

How is the floodingd pelican Waters? I am thinking of moving up there from Wollongong. Im just in the process of saying up the pros and cons??

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We moved from Sydney to Buderim /Mons
We are loving our new life !!!
No regrets it’s a great part of the world and lots of people who have done the same 👌
If you want to move out of the bigger cities I highly recommend sunny coast

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Well I personally think that Pelican waters is an awesome place and definitely under priced. It has everything with the added bonus of no crowds!! Yay!! Born and bred in Sydney and wish I came 10 years earlier. Pelican Waters is truly amazing! Ps...Don't tell everyone, let's keep it our little secret!

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I've been longing to get out of the rat race of Sydney for a while now.

We tried moving to the GC in 2009, but we were not well prepared with securing a job or a home (very stupid move retrospectively 😂). Subsequently, our bold move backfired and before you know it (1year later), we were back in Sydney scratching our heads and back to the drawing board.

Just over a month ago, I started looking for suitable jobs on the Sunshine Coast. I was then offered a great job and gave myself a month to preorganise a home for our young family in a suitable location (we wanted to be at least 10min drive to the beach, close commute to work, close to schools and shopping amenities etc). I then organised for a cheap interstate removalist to move our things up.

Although this move is still new for us, we believe that we have made wiser choices and are setting ourselves up for a good life here.

My point is, we were more prepared this time around and took a leap of faith to make it happen.

My advice: you will be surprised at the jobs that are available up here. Seek out your security first in terms of what source of income would be. If you can compromise with a slightly lower salary or even similar salary, then the Sunshine Coast's pristine beaches and laid back lifestyle will prevail considerably.

All the best with your future endeavours.

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