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"Diversity in Collaroy."

The stretch of Pittwater Road through the beachside suburb of Collaroy encompasses a glorious beach, numerous shops, an old cinema, eateries and waterfront parkland.

There’s something of a faded former glory about Collaroy, particularly embodied by the wonderful old art deco cinema, built in 1938, and originally called ‘De Luxe Theatre’. The cinema, at the time so modern, is off-set now, by the popular (clean and tidy) backpackers up a side street, and other modern amenities.

Sadly, it is also offset by the continual graffiti at the beach-front playground. The playground itself would be a very good one, if it didn’t come across as somewhat grotty due to the continual vandalism. As it is, it’s fine for a half hour or so. The vandalism is a shame as the park has one of the few big mechanical swings available for disabled people.

On the east side of Pittwater Road, aside from the cinema, are many other stores, and there's more of an alternative feel to the area, than it's further northern neighbours. There is a large interior decoration shop a little further north – called Samsara, and in a small alley way behind this there is a good photography studio, and a surprising little shop called Flower Child, selling Modern Cloth Nappies, maternity wear and other lovely bits and pieces.

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