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27th March 2021

"Dog fights, dogs barking all hours of day and night, holiday homes where people come to drink and play loud music to 3am"

Worst place I have ever visited. Locals mainly consist of unemployed and with all the party goers drinking and playing loud music in holiday rentals, it turns a beautiful place into a ghetto. Quick drive from Rhyll to Cowes will show you all the dead animals along the road that have been hit by traffic. Beaches are not very nice, mainly muddy and smelly and even know dogs are not allowed off leash, you will be harassed by dogs off lead.

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25th August 2020

"Wet, cold, run down houses. Don't expect any peace and quiet, barking dogs & people on holiday playing music to 3 am, ugly beach, no fish."

Title pretty much sums it up. It is always raining in rhyll, out of the entire year you get about one month of good weather and that is when everyone is on holiday and the entire island is packed.
Don't expect to sit out on your deck having a BBQ in peace. You will have the lovely sounds of neighbours dogs barking, then in the holiday seasons the lovely sound of ghetto rap music all night :)
Watch your children closely, there is an issue with dogs off leash. If you plan on living here in Rhyll be prepared to spend a lot of money on flea treatment if you are a pet owner.
Most of rhyll is dirt roads that are not maintained properly, you will never keep you car clean.. Speaking of cars.. If you want to live here, find a house with a garage, the amount of rain and the salt air will rot your car in no time.
The water around Rhyll is over fished, don't expect to catch anything. The beach is ugly, not really appropriate for swimming.

I hate to sound so negative but this is my experience with Rhyll, Victoria. I'm sitting here right now straining to find something good to say about it. I mean even the ground is destroyed because of the rabbit problem, that, then the rain causes /_/ house foundation problems.

Just thought of one good thing to say :) yay!! Rhyll has an excellent view of the Phillip Island bridge. At night it is very pretty view looking at all the lights from across the water.

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"Rhyll's picturesque beach road and stunning views of the bay near the beach"

Rhyll's popular beach rd features newly built homes with bay views and spacious greenery including lady nelson pt and Rhyll park. Newhaven College is also very popular and offers modern learning spaces within the suburb. The boat ramp and pier at Fishermens Point are also desirable. Rhyll features a lengthy beach with a yacht club with a picturesque entrance. Elevated houses on top of the hill near the beach are also very desirable and boast optimal views of the bay. Generally, the suburb is very tightly held with popular houses.

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