Can you get Wi-Fi set up and is there mobile service on Russell Island

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All here, just be careful as I have said in a previous post, just because they say you can get your net up and running, there may not be a phone port available when you want one, you may have to wait for one to be available, that is how it was 7 years ago when I first moved to Macleay, I was there for 1 year and there was no ports available for the whole time, as you don't get one based on first in best dressed, but get connected based on if one is available close to you/say in your street, so someone new to the island can be lucky and get connected and someone who has been waiting for six months in another part of the island will still have to wait until one close by is available. Regarding connectivity re mobiles, there used to be a problem with the south end of the Russell island as was a little bit unstable/drop outs. They have?? just recently or are about to build a second tower on Russell that was to help with that. As I don't live on Russell but another island can't say how situ is today

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

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