Can you help me with plan to move to Macleay Island ?

Hi all my name is John and i have few questions about Macleay Island

I was planning to buy Land for 20-30k and to bring foldable prefab home aprox 40m2...
I wanted to ask you guys about this things:

1. I need around 8k for septic system right ?
2. Is connection to the house included with septic system, if not how much aprox ?
3. Is there Electricity on Island ? If yes how much would it cost (aprox) to connect it from the street ? (because prefab home got all internal installations already)
4. Is there water system ? If yes how much would it cost (aprox) to connect it to the house ? If not what options do i have ? and How much should i expect to pay for it ?
5. I was thinking to get this house on the Macleay :

May i ask you how much does it cost to get all council approvals, etc for this one or for similar one ?
6. I saw few comment about camping/caravan on your own block... I just wondering if i bring this prefab home can i stay permanently there ?
7. Someone mentioned 2 year rule for Caravan/Container on your own land, is this true or ?
8. Garbage collection / Water tanks etc... How do you get rid of garbage if there is no garbage collection on island ? If there is no water system, that means that i need water tank or something on my property, so how much would it cost to install one and what are rates to get water weekly etc aprox ?

Thank you upfront :)
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