Detached Houses to the value of $200 000

I am a single 59 year old Male with no family and receiving a 'Disability Support Pension'. My Mother died about 7 months ago and left me around $200 000. I don't want to rent for the rest of my life and would prefer to purchase a detached House somewhere on Russell, Macleay or Lamb Island. I was looking to buy in Toowoomba and Brisbane, however don't have enough capital to make it happen. I've never been to Russell Island and don't know much about the area. Apparently there are many new Homes being built, however I don't know where they are or if I could afford to buy. As Brisbane and other state capitals are being wrecked by excessive developments, I'm wondering if this is the case on Russell, Macleay or Lamb Islands ?. Are there many Apartment blocks being built or is it mainly Houses ?. I may rent my chosen property for a month to see if I like the area before making an offer. What are the Water and General rates like on R.I. ?. Are the other Islands better or cheaper ?. A lot of people complain about the Drug issues on R.I., is this really an issue ?. What are some of the difficulties living on Russell or the other Islands ?. Are there Hardware stores on R.I. ?. Are there Plumbers or Electricians on the Island ?. Please let me know your thoughts re availability of detached Homes to $200 000.
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In order of your questions, my answers are:
Yes houses, maybe new for up to $200k or some less, still but hurry over
No apartments here, just houses, water, fishing, peace and quiet, no keeping up with the Jones's here, laid back, don't expect an "estate" feel here, lots of people are houseproud, some are not
Yes rent first
Lamb, $600.00 approx per quarter, including water, for a 600m2 block
Some druggies, 4 cops now on Russell, just stay away from that sort
Yes tradies on all 4 islands. Small hardware stores on both Russell and Macleay. All builds must be approved by the Redland City Council, the days of throwing a shed or hut up are gone as a few bad apples built, left there shacks to rot and the council won't allow that anymore. A good thing I would think
Finally: Doctors, dentists, chemists, pathology on both Russell and Macleay. One pub (Macleay) bottle shop on Russell. Lots of clubs, or groups to join. Libraries, Art, churches, music/singing/dancing, garden clubs, bridge club, sport to watch or participate in, a couple of cafes and takeaways on the islands. Travel, on the passenger ferries, is free between all 4 islands. You can walk on the vehicular ferries for a minimal fee also. No public transport, but taxi's or Little Bus service on Russell, Macleay and one usually on Lamb but not at the moment. Lamb and Karragarra are walk able or mobility scooter friendly, as small islands
I would think you could get yourself a good group of friends, on the islands, as you have no family, if that is what you want

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