Is Russell Island prone too flooding and if so how often?, where is the best postition?

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m-th Jun 26, 2017
No . It is prone to No petrol No bread No roads No services No police worth calling Or Rip off petrol .40 cents higher than the mainland if they have it. Rip off Taxi cost up-to $25.00 PP upto 6 people to travel 9km $2.66 per kms twice the mainland taxi. $120. Return by barge if you take your car to the mainland. But loads of drugs; Ice, Dope, Speed, and heaps more just ask . And of course the worst managed IGA in Australia
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of
Margaret Spratt
Margaret Spratt The person above seems to have a problem with over pricing all of the expenses on the islands...yes there are costs, hence the cost of the island land....drug users don't seem to be more prevalent than on the mainland especially if you live away for the more populated areas that renters can afford...the taxi is a rip off but I find the police and medical/fire services excellent... The ambulance has its own water taxi so a trip to hospital is often quicker than on the mainland. Check land on the 100year flood maps... And insure it has been soil tested prior to purchase... We have 4blocks on the island, 1 is currently for sale and priced at 25k plus costs... If interested email me on [email protected]
Jul 17, 2017
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