Living on Russell OR Macleay Island and working on the mainland

I am looking at potentially renting on Russell or Macleay Island and working on the mainland. I am a single mum (51yo)with a 17 yo daughter. I would like to hear the negative (constructive) and positive things about living on Russell or Macleay Island and working on the mainland "from people who do exactly that". I have sat here and read the long and large posts of people "arguing" back and forth at each other. This does not help me or people like me who might want to move there. I have researched the islands shopping facilities and there is enough to survive. I know there are alot of retirees and have read a few "undesirables, drug use, hooning" etc. I agree you get this in every suburb. I currently live in Hervey Bay and need to move back to the Gold Coast or Brisbane to find work. I looked at the rents and can't afford it. Then Russell and Macleay Island "popped" up. I know I would love the quiet peaceful lifestyle, but maybe not my 17yo daugher. How much is the ferry for a single return trip (for those one off mainland trips) and how much is it for a weekly return trip (those that work in Brisbane and is there a bus at Redland Bay straight into the city (how long for ferry, how long for bus to Brisbane CBD)? As the forum posts are not dated, I am not sure how old they are. Are the roads sealed or dirt (% please). Is there a better, "safer" part of the island to live? I think I read somewhere that there are weekly Saturday markets near the garage? (or this could have been Macleay Island). I understand there are sandflies and miggies, are they everywhere on the island. Is there ever going to be a bridge ever built? I am a counselling/relief teachers aide/youth worker and adminstrator. Many hats I know but probably no work for me on the island, unless alot of people there need therapy? lol. What attracts me mainly to the island is the cheap rents and the closeness to Brisbane for work. Sadly I had cancer recently and had two years of chemo, operations and stuff and I have not been able to get a job since and the move is purely financial for me for a while, plus would love the peace and quiet.. Who knows, I could retire Is there anything else I should know about living on Russell or Macleay Island and working in Brisbane. What time is the last ferry from the mainland? What time is the first ferry on the weekday mornings. Can't think of anything else but probably will when I hit Please be nice and decent when reply with your own personal opinions and don't abuse each other, there is already enough hate in the world. Also what mobile service (who) is the best and what is the situation with internet?
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88KATmando 2yrs+
Hi brunettesrule, just come over for a visit, but really just come here to live. We all asked the same questions when we were thinking of moving here. It all balances out. Yes there are miggies and sandflys, but they can be anywhere at dawn and dusk particularly. Transport: easiest way is to purchace a go card which can be used on all forms of transport around Brisbane, ferry, bus, trains, citycats. Around $7 dollars each way if have a go card and around $9+ dollars if buy a paper ticket. You learn to organise yourself with granny trolleys, of something like a removalist trolley for things you may buy on the mainland, everyone has to use the ferry to get back home, unless you are a millionaire and have your own helecopter or fast motor cruiser! There is parking, which is a bit thin on the ground sometimes, at Redland Bay, long and short term, or you can pay to keep your car in a few private yards near the marina offering this service. Registration of islands vehicles is half the cost of mainland cars, but you do need permission to take them off, which is easier enough to organise. The vehicle ferries run regularly each day also, you can get a Frequent Floater number which allows you about a 10% discount, but it still costs around $90 return, unless you are happy to be on standby, which costs around $50 return, but most people catch the passenger ferries due to cost factors. There is current talk of trial of a ferry service from, probably Macleay, across to Stradbroke which would be good as can access the surf on the other side of Straddie via bus. Daughter: if she likes sport there are tennis courts, a swimming pool on Russell, golf course, sailing and kyacking, swimming enclosures on all islands, Karragarra has the nicest beach. Nightlife and entertainment: Victoria Point or Loganholme have cinemas, restaurants, pubs etc. A pub on Macleay, Bowls club on Macleay, really nice food there, Gold club also on Macleay, food also there, free courtesy buses from the ferries to both clubs. Russell has an RSL Club and Bowls club also and Lamb also has a small bowls club, limited food. Boat clubs on a few of the islands also. Markets on Russell and Macleay, police stations on Russell and Macleay, Karragarra and Lamb are policed by the Redland Bay Police, who come and visit very often via there own quick barge. Don't worry about the dirt roads, many are sealed and most roads are short, a few have problems with dust, but council is trialing a new cheaper method, which they hope will mean all roads sealed within 5 years. Don't worry about undesirables, no more than Hervey Bay or anywhere. You may be surprised you may have more chance of getting a job on the islands with your qualifications than many other people have, some call for what you can offer over here I believe. People are generally more friendly on the SMBIslands than on the mainland, we have found. When you get on the ferry and look at all that beautiful water, you realise how lucky we are to live, basically in small countrytowns, surrounded by water! Downside the inconvenience of the travel back and forth but, to us, the quiet and upsides well outway any downsides.
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simonm18 Oct 01, 2018
Macleay Island is a fantastic place to live. You feel like a million miles away at times, but realisticly only half an hour away to two of the best capital cities in Australia. (Brisbane & Gold Coast) Why those mainlanders like to sit in traffic for 4 hours a day has got me stuffed. Come over and enjoy being yourself, living in paradise!
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