Macleay or Russell Island better for Kids, Schools and Working on Mainland

Hoping some locals can answer a few questions I have
Im thinking of moving to Russell or Macleay Island with my three young boys aged 9,4,2 and was wondering which of the two Islands would be better suited for kids (and our dog) and which of the two primary schools have a better reputation? I know all schools have both good and bad, but Id like to hear from parents whos children go to, or have gone to either of these schools.
I hear there is only one childcare centre in total, is it an ok centre, or does anyone do family daycare from home?
I also want to know what others do when it comes to keeping a job on the mainland.. what does one do when there is nowhere to leave your car on the mainland because there are 5 year+ waiting lists for long term parking at the terminal
I only work part time but Im not sure it would be worth the hassle and costs in trying to keep my
10 - 15 hours a week job? What does everyone else do?
also, Im a single Mum and Id like to know if there are any mothers groups or anything similar where I could make new friendships with other mums
I will be buying my own home too, any tips on what to look for in a home on the island or anything to steer clear of?
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simonm18 Oct 01, 2018
Macleay Island is better. Public transport available so you can take a bus from the ferry, or have a car on either side. You dont need to wait 5 years. There is plenty of carparks , street parking and private homes available to park your car.
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