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I'm looking at buying a block of land to moor a live aboard boat, would that be possible on Russell Island? Also curious as to the mooring facilities on Redland, if you went from Russell to Redland Bay, could you safely moor your boat and travel into Brisbane?
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I went to Russel 7/2016 love it, I will take my 35 footer down and buy a block of about 700/ 800 m. its a no brainer. I I am going to put a randbiuld style shed on block. for my cars and bikes. leave a bike over at mainland ferry ramp as bike parking is good and there is no time limit cars have a 2/3 week time limit but I walked the parking area and some of the cars in the long term area had been their way more then 2 weeks parking is free it seems. the shed gives you some were to put stuff you don't want on the boat. google Russel island and you will see moored vessels in most areas ide moor/Anker at the south and. use sandy beach for island access . there are small boats pulled up there already. essay beach to land on. as for buying a block with sea access, just bring loads of money. I will be parting with 20 two 40 grand. block on the water try 130 to 200 grand. my plan is to leave most my stuff on Russel cruse up and down Queensland coast when to old for boat sell and build cabin on shed block that's why it has to be 700/800m where else but Russel could you do that for bugger all money. and retire like a king on a lovely island with good soil and plenty of blocks 30m above sea level. PS you could go from Russel to Redlands in a 3 meter tuff tender and not get your hair wet. hope that answers most of your questions just google the rivers adjacent to Russell, for the rest ,boat yards moorings galore. I have 20 plus years boating experience and it all looks good to me , just buy a enviro waterless toilet, and a Lloyds super high holding rated anchor. and no need for a mooring. just don't forget a swivel for that Anker. water around Russell are very shallow out of the channels so movement for keelers would need a high tide. and some skill.


This is great information, appreciated.

the best person to answer this this question is Geoff at Raine & Horne on Macleay Island, he will sort you


how has this gone? am considering the same... has anyone done this?

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