Schools, Childcare and Working while living on Russell or Macleay Island

Im a single Mum with 3 young boys (9,4,2) looking to move to either Russell or Macleay Islands to buy buy my first home (finally at the age of 36!) but wanting to know which is the better island to live on for young kids?
which school is better (I know each school has good and bad but I like to hear it first hand experiences)
also wanting to keep my part time job on the mainland if possible, although Im not sure it would be worth it with the added costs involved to actually get to work?!
what do people do to find long term car parks when all the car parks are taken with 5 year wait lists like I keep reading do you all quit your jobs or what?
also, are there any mothers groups or anything to make new friends with people like myself or would I be the only single parent living there? Lol
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