why has a bridge has not been built yet?

One would have to wonder being the 21st century why a bridge has not been built yet! Imagine how better for everyone! As easy access on and of the at any time would create employment opportunity. Why carnt the Government step in over this council to help make this happen! Maybe you would have to wonder again if the ferry and barge owners are perhaps connected with the council in some way Lol!! Maybe some sort of investigation would help! KathyPearson
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Lesley Prince May 09, 2018
Hi Kathy, My name is David Prince and I wrote the comment above. Please don't think our Council is responsible for us not having a Bridge. We have an excellent Council! This is and always will be a 100% Federal members costing with State Government assistance and approval. I have lived on Russell for 12 years and have watched this Leverage Market unfold. History tells a very significant truth, A Strong Mayor once supported a Bridge to all the Islands. He was taken out in a wrong turn political behavior. The Federal member for Bowen could tell us all about it! But he won't, or at least, not the truth. The Federal and State members need to Build this Public Bridge to Russell Island Now to show they are not abstaining their DUTY OF CARE. History will show this TRUTH!
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88KATmando Feb 02, 2018
Hi Kathy, some people here have very strong opinions re the bridge. When I first came to the islands nearly 5 years ago, I too seemed to be a bit obsessed with that question, but after living here for 5 years, I personally now don't want a bridge. It is so special here the feeling of the islands (I live on one of the smaller islands out here) quiet, isolated - in a good way. If the bridge goes ahead, it will just be another suburb of the Redlands and all the crime, crazyness, cars etc will just come here. When you live here, you have to come to the realisation that it is a balancing act, that the benefits outway the disadvantages and if you don't feel that way, you will soon leave and go back to "Australia"!
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Lesley Prince
Lesley Prince Hi Kathy! Russell Island is a suburb of Redland City a very fast -growing City Leveraged to the tune of Billions of dollars by preventing a Bridge to Russell Island. The Leverage Market is happing right now and has been driven by a select group of people who aim to profit in Billions of dollars with political driven members with supporters living and profiting in this behavior in preventing a Bridge to Russell Island for more than 50 years. It is truly a Crime driven by the Federal and State members to not support a Bridge to Russell Island given their position. They have in affect created a Leverage Market profit for a select groups, against the 7000 plus Ratiable properties their owens, thats the Ratepayers of Russell Island who have never, that's right never been asked simply Yes or No to a Bridge on their Rates notice. The survey's are mostly none Russell Island Rate Payers and other interest groups. That's wrong! Very wrong! The Bridge from Scenic Rd to Kings Rd was planned 1972! Just think about the Federal and State Services that would be provided for Russell today.
May 09, 2018
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