Best streets in Melbourne (CBD)

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Elizabeth Street
Ranked 1st best street in Melbourne (CBD)

"A street for now and the future"

- butch
Elizabeth St is a street of the future, with the Melbourne City plan to develop it into a residential corridor. Elizabeth St also has plenty to offer right now, including: 1. Federal Coffee Palac...
-37.8008896595 144.9575418873
Saint Kilda Road
Ranked 2nd best street in Melbourne (CBD)

"Very high standrad living Location"

- Jackie1970
This is a great place for living and very convenience to work. There is next to Albert Lake and close to St kilda beach, a lot of tram line along the st kilda road. Moreover, it is close to the Sou...
-37.8502207008 144.980709889
Ranked 3rd best street in Melbourne (CBD)

"Shoppers Stop Definelty"

- Deadonarrival
Well,When i visited the place,it was like a shoppers stop,Positive vibes coming from all around people were nice and friendly as I was new to the place,So had no such discomfort,eating joints were als...
-37.816650321 144.9585117742
Swanston Street
Ranked 4th best street in Melbourne (CBD)

"An interesting start, but don't spend too long here..."

- kaatt11
There really are nicer places in Melbourne, but this is a good starting point. Start at Flinders St end and walk into the city, you'll walk past the Melbourne Town Hall, you might get to see people pl...
-37.8095879054 144.9638256613

Flinders Ln

Flinders Ln
Ranked 5th best street in Melbourne (CBD)

"On my manor"

- EyeWitness
I'm pretty lazy when it comes to gettin' out and about - I like to stay on my manor! So what do I do, well here you go...... Feel like breakfast, then skip the hoards down at the De graves end, he...
-37.817589472 144.9632109443

Collins St

Ranked 6th best street in Melbourne (CBD)

"My Favorite Place"

- kaatt11
I love Collins Street, the shopping and atmosphere are great. Australia on Collins is the best place to start, the shopping center stretches between city blocks. There are heaps of up market shops in...
-37.8163 144.964
Little Bourke St
Ranked 7th best street in Melbourne (CBD)

"Right in the middle of Chinatown"

- GazzaH
Have stayed in a hotel here in the eastern end several times and find that it is very central and lively. The western end is a business area and is much quieter. If you are a fan of Chinese food (and...
-37.8128834717 144.9642218123
Degraves St
Ranked 8th best street in Melbourne (CBD)

"The only place to live in the CBD"

- mottey
I lived in Degraves street for 2 years and never wanted to leave! It was always a pleasure to step outside and smell the coffee from the great cafes and admire the European architecture. Everything...
-37.8174461492 144.9658817053

Queens Rd

Ranked 9th best street in Melbourne (CBD)

"High End Luxury Apartments and Hotels"

- roybot
Queens Road runs through some of the most senic sections of downtown Melbourne, going through Albert Park and turning into Queens Way (the busy thoroughfare) at it's end. It's mostly full of the same...
-37.8531440217 144.9791389454

Bourke St

Bourke St
Ranked 10th best street in Melbourne (CBD)

"Bourke Street is good for shoppers"

- roybot
Bourke Street, being home to the Bourke Street Mall and several other shopping destinations, is a great place for all kinds of shopping. It's in a fairly central location, the main noteworthy part be...
-37.8156531134 144.9581292836
Flinders St
Ranked 11th best street in Melbourne (CBD)

"Great place for a stroll"

- roybot
Flinders street runs along the north bank of the Yarra River and offers some lovely views of places such as Batman Park. It's many people's first look at Melbourne as they arrive at the railway stati...
-37.8205810949 144.9576375099
Swanston Street Wk
Ranked 12th best street in Melbourne (CBD)

"Dirty and disgusting...but good location"

- goku
I've lived here for a while, and although the location is great, nothing can excuse how filthy Swanston Street feels and looks at night time. Bums are always around the McDonalds and KFC and always g...
-37.815496019 144.9665987181

Unranked Streets

"Central location but not much going on"

- roybot
La Trobe Street is mostly a street you would use getting from one place to another, not exactly a destination in itself. There is a multi-level corner mall type place in one section but it has many v...
-37.80974 144.96143

King Street


"Nice street in the western end of Melbourne"

- rulesix
I stayed on King Street a few times on visits to Melbourne. There are a number of hotels in the area and its an easy walk to Spencer Street Station. With Spencer Street Station so close it makes g...
-37.8203147175 144.9575555477

"Spring Street. An iconic address."

- Rhiannon East
The Windsor Hotel. State Parliament. Treasury Gardens. Carlton Gardens. The Royal Exhibition Building. Spring Street is home to some of the most historically significant and majestic buildings...
-37.8093283582 144.9720901902

Wills Street


"Peace and quiet in the CBD"

- Daniel Brady
Wll's Street is a tranquil street located on the western fringe of the CBD that connect's La Trobe Street to A'Beckett Street between William and Queen's Street. This quaint city street offers you...
-37.810695 144.957437

Hosier Lane


"Art in itself, a qaint little laneway. A must see!"

- AdamS
Hosier Lane in Melbourne has undergone quite a transformation over the past few years. What used to be a run down dirty laneway has now been transformed into a piece of art in itself. Thanks to...
-37.8168825474 144.9693307938
Tattersalls Lane

"home of dumplings"

- CommunityMan
the best reason to visit this lane is to eat at Camy Shanghai Dumpoling restaurant - a legend of Chinatown! Also the Gaylord Indian restaurant is pretty good.
-37.8123302264 144.9658200766

"Fabulous shopping and close to China Town"

- BVStar
Lonsdale Street is one of the main streets in Melbourne's CBD. It offers high rise apartment style living, in amongst the areas businesses, shopping centres and hotels. It is always busy, full of prof...
-37.8113535093 144.9652600011

"The New York End of Town"

- ariel008
Located in an enviable position just moments from public transport, sporting events, shopping, cafes, the casino, and the legal precinct, Spencer street is perfect for young professionals. True, parki...
-37.82044 144.9548
-37.813446 144.963698 7