Best suburbs in Greater Hobart

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Ranked 1st best suburb in Greater Hobart

"Howrah is the best place to live in Tasmania"

- David Scott
Great suburb! SAFE great water view. lovely friendly people shopping centers available beautiful gardens easy traffic any more do u want? yes, non-rocket property price compared with other suburbs...
-42.87468 147.40014

West Hobart

Ranked 2nd best suburb in Greater Hobart

"Two suburbs in One"

- Nicholas McShane
West Hobart is a leafy, quiet suburb. It spreads from the restaurant strip of North Hobart, up to the foothills of Knocklofty. At the city end it borders the CBD and wanders up Forest Road. So if you...
-42.8827036378845 147.306793366452

Mount Nelson

Ranked 3rd best suburb in Greater Hobart

"Green hilltop area close to the everything"

- harvey_adam
Being up on a hill (340m or so peak), most homes have views over the city. But, it can get cooler and more windy at times. Homes are on larger blocks, most with lush gardens, or weedy more likely, and...
-42.9207743921212 147.32173234044

South Hobart

Ranked 4th best suburb in Greater Hobart
-42.897605019654 147.291294287354

Tolmans Hill

Ranked 5th best suburb in Greater Hobart

"Amazing place to live"

- theredqueen
We absolutely love living here, moved in 8 years ago. We honestly cannot see ourselves ever moving, the location is perfect, so close to everything, however we are not living on top of others. Incredi...
-42.910179278177 147.308660087532


Ranked 6th best suburb in Greater Hobart

"Love it"

- lulla
Safe, plenty of options for things to do and great for all walks of life :)
-42.9930857926763 147.273755023608

Lenah Valley

Ranked 7th best suburb in Greater Hobart

"Dream suburb"

- wills12
Absolutly amazing suburb has the best of everything. Can drive to work on many different routes and never get stuck in traffic like some other suburbs. Family friendly, lots of parks. All the shops y...
-42.8716920412697 147.277818795982


Ranked 8th best suburb in Greater Hobart

"Quiet, central to everywhere, lovely views"

- PerryD
Lutana is a lovely subburb close to the city center, the Northgate Shopping center and the bridge. You have either mountain or water views almost anywhere in Lutana. Busses connect you to the rest of...
-42.8369475063586 147.315980298784
Ranked 9th best suburb in Greater Hobart

"Mount Stuart - by someone who actually lives there"

- BrianW1
Small bear - you obviously have problems and none of them relate to living in the beautiful suburb of Mount Stuart. My wife and I have lived in Mount Stuart for over 10 years and our children attend t...
-42.8718924474934 147.305464150379
Primrose Sands
Ranked 10th best suburb in Greater Hobart

"A hidden gem"

- howardj2
I moved to Primrose Sands last year. It’s a quiet little town, about 40 minutes drive to Hobart if you’re commuting, with a mix of permanent residents and weekenders, but it’s never busy. The beach i...
-42.8851356286 147.658663138
Ranked 11th best suburb in Greater Hobart

"Perfect for young and old"

- eller1
We moved to blackmans bay from interstate with our young family and were joined by my mother who also moved to the area. It is a dream come true, it is a beautiful location and people are friendly. It...
-42.992287 147.323288
Ranked 12th best suburb in Greater Hobart

"Great location"

- stevej23
Great location, views and an affordable purchase by Hobart standards. 15 mins from town with less traffic at rush hour than most suburbs. Loads of shops, cafes and restaurants on Main Street. Formally...
-42.8487413784792 147.280803772589
Ranked 13th best suburb in Greater Hobart

"Lovely beachside settlement"

- rufusoznz
This is a lovely part of Hobart to visit - a nice and quiet community with a very sandy beach that is comparable to other good beaches in Australia and New Zealand, but much less busy! It's a very ea...
-42.8617246098039 147.502685448548


Ranked 14th best suburb in Greater Hobart

"Exciting suburb north of Hobart CBD"

- ben-b
Moonah has its own story and a true blue identity. First of the Northern Suburbs outside of Hobart but still considered part of the Greater Hobart Region. My wife and I purchased our first home in...
-42.8458099321779 147.291754944945

Sandy Bay

Ranked 15th best suburb in Greater Hobart


- DanielG5
Arguably Hobart's wealthiest suburb, close to some of the best schools in Hobart. It is very close to the city second highest house prices on average in Hobart, only after Battery Point, but because t...
-42.9096016841447 147.344962618716


Ranked 16th best suburb in Greater Hobart

"Lived here since 2003 - bought a house in 2014"

- chriss60
Glenorchy in the early 00's was known for being hit and miss, I have lived in Hobart all my life and Glenorchy in the past has good parts and rough parts. The Median house price of a 3br in Glenorchy...
-42.8337119420376 147.271385724752

Midway Point

Ranked 17th best suburb in Greater Hobart

"Best kept secret."

- Rosey Naime
No place in Hobart like Midway point. Very central location, 16 min to city, 5 min to airport 5 minutes to supermarkets, on the mail touring routes to all major attractions. Surrounded by waterways....
-42.7996551762583 147.530829928158


Ranked 18th best suburb in Greater Hobart

"Nice and warm countryside"

- pennys3
I have moved here in 2018. In the beginning, I really worried about the negative news about this suburb. But on the first day, my neighbor gave us a nice and warm welcome. While we are doing painting...
-42.7438769034575 147.243082065778
Ranked 19th best suburb in Greater Hobart

"The Cutest Suburb"

- DanielG5
Battery point is so cute! The cutest houses everywhere: cottages to big victorian and Georgian Mansions. Exclusive suburb, Hobart's most expensive, but very comparable to the national averages. So clo...
-42.8908641587081 147.334003586229

Risdon Vale

Ranked 20th best suburb in Greater Hobart
-42.8140860818493 147.357322923407
-42.8894531185449 147.409382844327 5