Greater Hobart Region, TAS

3.6(1 review)

Ranked 4th best region by locals in TAS

Great for

  • Internet access
  • Safe and sound
  • Peace and quiet
  • Clean & green
  • Neighbourly spirit

Not great for

  • Nightlife

Who lives here?

  • Families With Kids
  • Professionals
  • Retirees
  • Singles
  • LGBTQ+

Reviews of Greater Hobart Region, TAS

"Relaxed Lifestyle"

Hobart and the surrounding regions really are a very beautiful part of the world. It is much more laid back than the big mainland cities, but still has a cosmopolitan feel. Hobart is also much more affordable than any city on the mainland. The city has recently seen a cultural and culinary revolution and has really found its place in the world. Great for a peaceful charming lifestyle: beaches and mountains galore.

Great for

  • Everything is close
  • Very beautiful
  • Culture

Not great for

  • Peak hour traffic is bad
  • More like a big town

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • Tourists
  • LGBT+
  • Hipsters
  • Students
  • Country Lovers
  • Trendy & Stylish
  • Beach Lovers
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Greater Hobart
3.6Ranked 4th

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