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Ranked 1st best suburb in Tasmania

"Charming and Convenient"

- Zali Stevens
This suburb is must live in Launceston. Not only does it contain some of Launceston's best cafes it has the most beautiful street front appeal.
-41.4369876945976 147.149280709603


Ranked 2nd best suburb in Tasmania

"Feel good Grindelwald"

- Casey Rafferty
Grindelwald is a beautiful little suburb situated approximately 15 minutes from the city of Launceston. It is a very private and safe community and is a short 5 minute drive from near by shops and sc...
-41.3542183594774 147.008833792611


Ranked 3rd best suburb in Tasmania

"A Great Spot To Live In!"

- Tameka Smith
Norwood is a lovely town that is a short commute of 3km to the Launceston CBD, it has a small IGA and excellent schools close by. Norwood is very suitable for families, elderly, singles or couples.
-41.4606642448909 147.181218397408


Ranked 4th best suburb in Tasmania

"Small town with so much to offer"

- Zali Stevens
Perfectly situated in the northern country side, this small town has so much to offer young families. Great local shopping stores to suit all needs and interests, plenty of family and pet friendly par...
-41.1893316077393 147.484897414947


Ranked 5th best suburb in Tasmania

"Beautiful Views"

- Jenna Baker
Trevallyn is a hilltop suburb with access to some of Launceston's most beautiful walking tracks and views. It boasts a range of both newer builds and also character homes from the 1800s. With access t...
-41.4332252529297 147.114547550505

West Hobart

Ranked 6th best suburb in Tasmania

"Two suburbs in One"

- Nicholas McShane
West Hobart is a leafy, quiet suburb. It spreads from the restaurant strip of North Hobart, up to the foothills of Knocklofty. At the city end it borders the CBD and wanders up Forest Road. So if you...
-42.8827036378845 147.306793366452

Mount Nelson

Ranked 7th best suburb in Tasmania

"Green hilltop area close to the everything"

- harvey_adam
Being up on a hill (340m or so peak), most homes have views over the city. But, it can get cooler and more windy at times. Homes are on larger blocks, most with lush gardens, or weedy more likely, and...
-42.9207743921212 147.32173234044


Ranked 8th best suburb in Tasmania

"Currently building my house in Howrah"

- Frogztar
I've rented in Howrah for 3 years, have bought a block and am currently building. It is one of the nicesnt suburbs of Hobart. Close to the city but far enough away to be a quiet area with lots of spac...
-42.87468 147.40014
Ranked 9th best suburb in Tasmania


- Lily Curtin
Kings Meadows is a busy suburb with great shopping centres and many many old and new homes. Home to a wide range of age groups Kings Meadows has many young and older families as well as singles. You d...
-41.4693249557546 147.159775041291


Ranked 10th best suburb in Tasmania

"A community that has made us so welcome!"

- gazandsas
We moved to Bicheno from Qld recently with our family of 5. Our 2 young children are incredibly happy and have made lots of friends through school and the community. Our older son enjoys the trip to...
-41.873 148.29642

St Leonards

Ranked 11th best suburb in Tasmania

"Small Town Close To The CBD"

- Tameka Smith
St Leonards is a lovely spot in the north of Launceston, with great primary schools and high schools located close by. St Leonards is also very flat and just a short 10 minute drive from the CBD.
-41.4509852774339 147.188846570301


Ranked 12th best suburb in Tasmania

"Convenient & Safe"

- Casey Rafferty
Riverside is a very humble and neighbourly community with so much to offer. This suburb is very convenient and safe, with supermarkets, schools, cafes and only a short 5 minute drive from the city wha...
-41.4185470031997 147.098273384866

South Hobart

Ranked 13th best suburb in Tasmania
-42.897605019654 147.291294287354


Ranked 14th best suburb in Tasmania

"Convenient Location"

- Jenna Baker
Newnham is located next to Mowbray in Launceston's northern suburbs and is a great spot for investors and first home buyers. Close to the university and the shops in Mowbray, Newnham is quiet and subu...
-41.3934518667492 147.116596337754


Ranked 15th best suburb in Tasmania

"Love it"

- lulla
Safe, plenty of options for things to do and great for all walks of life :)
-42.9930857926763 147.273755023608

Tolmans Hill

Ranked 16th best suburb in Tasmania

"Top of the world"

- sana3
We moved here two years ago after finding a lovely home in a quiet cul de sac. The views are truly breathtaking and the wild life that abounds keeps the kids entertained. Ease of access to the city wa...
-42.910179278177 147.308660087532

Lenah Valley

Ranked 17th best suburb in Tasmania

"Dream suburb"

- wills12
Absolutly amazing suburb has the best of everything. Can drive to work on many different routes and never get stuck in traffic like some other suburbs. Family friendly, lots of parks. All the shops y...
-42.8716920412697 147.277818795982

Low Head

Ranked 18th best suburb in Tasmania

"A beautiful getaway"

- Oceanic
Low Head is a small suburb steeped in history and natural beauty. It's located at the mouth of the great Tamar river, where Australia's oldest light house /pilot station still operates, and fairy pen...
-41.1231960503332 146.873453860228


Ranked 19th best suburb in Tasmania

"Serenity Now!"

- Quails
Haven't heard to many bad things about Ulvie. A fantastic relaxing place and great for young kids. A community feel and spirit about the place which leaves a lasting impresssion. Cannot recommend h...
-41.166014722375 146.180459410257


Ranked 20th best suburb in Tasmania

"The Perfect spot to Live In The North!"

- Tameka Smith
Prospect is situated just a short 7-10 minute drive from the Launceston CBD, with many supermarkets, shops, schools, GP clinics, chemists and more available right at your fingertips, Prospect is a fam...
-41.4735189049583 147.140960597503
-41.84970139271 146.778669614117 5