Sherwood Drive
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Sherwood Drive, Springfield, NSW 2250

2(3 reviews)

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"over a year in Sherwood"

everyone seems to be nice the n next-door neighbors and I have we have a quick chat over the fence when we are doing our garden and they are too, share tomatoes and herbs, people walking the dogs in the afternoon,

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
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Good Lord, we moved into a rental property in this street last year because it was very close to the school we had our children enrolled in, where they receive support for their hearing impairment.
We're counting down the days until our lease runs out and we can get the hell out of here!
Living here has been like living on the set of "Housos", with the majority of the properties being grouped Housing Commission, the whole street is just full of very miserable, angry people, drug addicts, and violence.
My Husband had his work truck broken into 14 times within the first 6 months we've lived here, and have woken up to junkies wandering around our backyard.
A woman was arrested further up the road for walking around naked with a knife threatening to stab people just a few weeks ago, and there are Police up and down the street on a constant.
Children as young as 5 are out in the street, barefoot, and playing in piles of curbside rubbish at dusk with no supervision whatsoever.
I felt sorry for a few of them, and invited them in for something to eat, which turned our lives into a living hell when one little girl refused to leave and began telling us disturbing stories about her home life.
She remained with us for almost a week, and every time we'd check in with the "parents" they'd be passed out or incoherant.
We had to report the situation to the relevant authorities, and the child was removed from the home, which resulted in the Father of the child assaulting me and trying to intimidate my children with violent hand gestures as he drove past our house 20 times a day.
We have neighbours with children at the same school ours attend, who we made the mistake of getting friendly with.
They turned out to be grubs.
Drinking on their front lawns in deck chairs every afternoon, constant domestic disputes, their youngest child flashing her privates at my children as she jumps on her trampoline listening to very loud, very inappropriate music, for hours everyday, and their eldest smashing her head up against their backdoor and throwing herself into the dirt screaming after being locked out of the house.
It's like having a front row seat at the bloody circus living here.
This is no place for children!
I can hand pick about 5 people who actually work along this street.
A lot of brazen drug dealing going on.
Idiots speeding up and down the street in their hotted up cars and motorbikes, which causes me great concern for the kids left to wander the streets.
We thought communities like this only existed in Mt Druitt, but we were dead wrong.
Sherwood Drive has the reputation it has for a very good reason.
We were warned against moving here by many people, but weren't prepared to judge the occupants based on their socioeconomic status, and felt it couldn't be "that bad"....
It's "that bad", trust me.
So bad, that we have decided to remove our children from the local school (Chertsey Primary), when we move, and enrol them into Catholic School.
Due to the school being situated smack bang in the middle of this large Department of Housing community, a lot of the children attending this school have social/behavioural problems.
A lot of bullying (the violent sort), involving kids choking each other, throwing each other down concrete stairs, punching, biting, throwing rocks at each others heads....
The Teacher's seem to have poor conflict resolution skills, and the way they respond does not solve the issues within the school and causes them to fester.
They don't take bullying seriously, and most* of them appear disengaged and frustrated.
My eldest Son was at a Christian School before he started here in Year 2 to be with his Deaf brother and sister, and it's been a huge shock to his system having to navigate school life with the rife bullying and other anti social behaviours exhibited.




Hi. Do you know what lilac close is like ?

Tim Cummins
Tim Cummins

haven't had an issue since I moved onto this street. buss comes almost every 20 minutes and close to everything, found the school to be nice when visited, I think the area has changed and haven't seen any of this happen


How long ago was this?

Davina M
Davina M

Tim you're walking around with your eyes shut mate.

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"It's the sort of street that what you see is what you get"

I found this street a bit wild at first but the people are ok, the buses are bad in the way that they speed up and down the street also cars like to speed in this street, the school is excellent the teachers and staff are awsome and te kids get a lot of help in that school I regreat moving due to the schol the street isnt quite but its not that bad... It a housing commission area but most of the tenants have been there for years and the houses are beautifull.


Did you go to school in Springfield?

Haley Jarvis
Haley Jarvis

The houses are beautiful? LOL

Davina M
Davina M

The people are not okay

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