Is Springfield Lakes suitable for a young working family?

We are looking to rent in the area as we are considering buying land and building, but we are new to Brisbane so are not familiar with the urban reputation Springfield Lakes has. We love the look and feel of the area, but have been trapped by that before with another suburb! We have a 2 year old and both work in the CBD. Would love some feedback on whether it is a friendly community and suitable for long term living (15+ years if we build!)
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Springfield Lakes is a great suburb/area especially for young families. There are plenty of child care centres (about 7+ of the long day care type) in the area. There is a fantastic park which is beautifully maintained (Robelle Domain - it cost $30 million to develop). Stage 2 planning is under way with $15 million needed to turn Robelle Domain into basically the next South Bank, swimming lagoons, etc. Local government and Federal Government have committed $5 million each and we are waiting on the state government to commit the remaining $5 million but we are 66% of the way there funding wise. The train line is on target and will open in late 2013. I expect the travel time from Springfield Central station to the City will be approx 35 minutes. Orion Shopping Centre is going to be one of the biggest in the southern hemisphere. It is owned by Mirvac. Stage 1 completed and is anchored by Woolworths and Big W. There is a food court and approx 100 specialty stores. Aldi and Spotlight are also big tenants. There is a small development happening out the front consisting of KFC, Super Cheap Auto, Kmart, then plans for a tavern, bottle shop, also Stage 2 which will be a large expansion will happen soon. There are many schools in Springfield Lakes, 2 new schools opened in 2011 - Springfield Central Primary School and Springfield Central High School. They are near Grande Avenue Springfield Lakes. Also a Catholic School (Good Shepherd) is set to open in the same location for January 2013. There is a dog park, 2 large lakes, heaps of open space/parkland/bike tracks etc. Plenty to do. There are no movie cinemas which is a bit of a shame, they will eventually come with Orion's expansion. In the mean time Indooroopilly or Redbank cinemas are 20 minutes by car. You can get to the Brisbane CBD in 25-30 minutes by car (off-peak). Peak time is about 40 minutes. The Western Freeway is surprisingly good compared to some other major arterial roads in Brisbane. Housing quality is good, most houses are well maintained and looked after. You will generally find large houses, small backyards, rendered, relatively new, etc in the area. There is a strong community spirit in the Lakes.

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Hi Team Francis,

Not that I need to say it after all of these great comments, but Springfield Lakes is really a lovely suburb... So are Springfield and Brookwater for that matter. The area is very well planned, and has a great community spirit - there is always plenty to do and people to meet.

There are a lot of plans for the future of the area too, which is promising and in terms of accessibility to the city, trains will be going to the area very soon and other transport is already in place if you don't want to deal with CBD traffic.

Hope this helps :)

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Really depends where you work. I used to commute from here to city. Hate long traffic/time in train.

Hate this suburb. It is a new suburb & People just do not want to talk about crime. Crime rate is very high here.


Mate, I now live in a million dollar suburb close to Brisbane city & I have had more theft here than I did at Springfield lakes.

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It is a FANTASTIC community. Very family orientated with great schools and childcare. People are just friendly here when you go walking around the lakes - and plenty of parks (the water park is wonderful for younger children). You will not regret living here. When the train comes in 2013 it will make your commute to the city a whole lot better. We have lived here for 2 years and apart from not having a movie theatre it is pretty much self sufficient. Welcome to our suburb and we hope you find a lovely home to rent.

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Growing up in Camira and making the progressive move to Springfield and then Springfield Lakes where I now reside with my fiance and 2 boys, we have found the area to be extremely community minded. As with all new areas there have been growing pains as the area has had a population boom but with the train under construction and to be opened next year and also the duplication of the existing Centenary Highway and many other developments and infrastructure planned it all looking positive for the years ahead.

Feel free to pop onto the Facebook community page ( and ask fellow residents about the area. I am also an owner of a local real estate agency so if you require any information or assistance even if its just to run some ideas in regards to building past me, I am more than happy to help out.

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Absolutely! Some lovely homes, great people, dog parks, play areas, heaps of parks, tennis courts, schools, shops, you name it, it's in S.L!
I think it's one of the nicest master planned communities around.
I wish the Gold Coast Council would take note of Springfield lakes! Get their new communities made the same way. We are backward here on the G.C.
We'd live there in a flash if it wasn't for work down here.
We've got an investment house there and we really love it. Might move into it one day!

Your family will love the area and the new train line to Brisbane goes in soon.

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