Can an agent increase the price of a rental property after applications are submitted?

1) The property was advertised on a well known property website at $1000 per week. I attended the scheduled inspection & submitted the application 2 days later & was told that I would have a response within approx. 72hrs. Over 2 weeks later & many follow ups on my behalf I was advised that the application was approved but the rent had gone up to $1100 between when I applied & the application being approved.
2) I was also advised at the time of application approval that there was going to be a clause in the lease stating that if any additional tenants were to move in that the rent would increase $200.00 per additional person - is that legal? Shouldn't the property rental price be for the house, not the amount of tenants? It is 5 bedrooms & we only have 3 tenants on the lease, so I would have thought we could have had up to 5 people living there at least, without any ramifications.
3) The property was advertised with a dishwasher - which we did not have for almost the first 3 weeks as the landlord had removed it for servicing without advising us prior to us moving in. It was advertised with a spa, which has not worked since we moved in 3 months ago & requests have been made for the repair multiple times. It was advertised with functioning fireplaces & after discovering that one of them fills upstairs with smoke, the landlord told us that only one is & the rest are ornamental but the advertisement & tenancy checklist did not state this.

I'm confused as to why our rent would have increase if the features of the property are not functioning. Any advice you have is greatly appreciated.
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Liam D Jun 19, 2018
Hi Mrs Lord,
Doesn't sound like a fair deal you have going there! You can always got to VCAT with these issues :
If the property is advertised with a spa and a dishwasher then both should be in working order as well as the fireplaces. I recommend going to VCAT about this and avoiding that Estate Agency in the future as they and the landlord sound horrible.
$200 extra per person? What a joke!
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